Podcast: Ep#92 Fighting Silicosis With Product Innovation (ft. Craig Penty MD of Guarda Group Holdings Pty Ltd)

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There are increasing reports of chronic illness, including silicosis and even deaths of trades people in the Australian media.The market needs a solution. Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Craig Penty, MD of Guarda Group Holdings Pty Ltd, who is working together with Funding Strategies.

Listen as Craig introduces his product line, his distribution channels & strategies and the unlimited potential for growth within the market. Find out how you can be involved in the project and more.

Craig Penty-  Managing Director of Guarda Group Holdings ltd.

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Craig’s professional background, current position and career so far
  • Guarda
    What is Guarda Group Pty Ltd  and what does it do?
  • Silicosis and chronic illnesses
    What drove Craig to create his product line and push it to market?
  • News reports and media
    The relevance of poor preventative measures of silica dust and inefficient methods affecting many trades people and technicians
  • Intellectual property
    Registering the product line to enter international markets
  • Competitors and available technologies
    How Guarda’s competitors compare. How Guarda is ahead in technology
  • Testing the technology
    Existing franchisees in Perth using the technology exclusively
  • The foreseeable future
    Where Craig sees the future for The Edge Saw and his complete product line
  • American markets
    Penetrating the American markets and expanding internationally
  • 2019 debut
    Guarda Systems to launch revolutionary new concrete saw at “World of Concrete” Trade Show in Jan 2019
  • Be a part of Guarda Group’s future
    How to get involved with the business and help to redefine the trade tools industry
  • How to get in touch
    How to contract Craig or a member of the team from Funding Strategies

The Product Line

The Edge Saw
The Fume Tube









Useful Links

About Guarda Group Holdings

Guarda Group Holdings is the holding company of several subsidiary companies that develop, manufacture and sell concrete cutting saws and related equipment. The Company also offers safer wall chasing services to domestic builders via the Envirochasing brand. Guarda products mitigate deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Crystalline Silica Dust that saw operators are exposed to. Guarda products and services are covered by extensive patents and are highly sought after in both domestic and international markets.

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