Podcast: Ep#91 Don’t Buy A Franchise Unless You Are Prepared To Do Your Homework- A Lesson In Due Diligence (ft. Emmanuel Martin CEO of The Metamorphosis Project)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Emmanuel Martin, CEO of The Metamorphosis Project, a business offering due diligence consulting and coaching while promoting the importance of due diligence for everyone.

Listen on as Emmanuel discusses his experiences in the small business sector,  good and bad due diligence, what you need to know about due diligence, The Royal Commission fuelling demand for The Metamorphosis Project and much more.

Emmanuel Martin- CEO of The Metamorphosis Project

Discussion Points

  • Background
    Emmanuel’s career so far, traveling for work and his experiences in the small business sector
  • Responding to a need
    What sparked the need for The Metamorphosis Project and how it came about
  • Why do some businesses fail?
    Emmanuel lists the common reasons why small businesses fail and starting off on the wrong foot
  • Checks and balances
    What you need to have in order before you decide to buy a business
  • The relativity of positivity
    How positivity and optimism affects the numbers
  • 20-25% is just the goal
    The science is the mind set and the 75% that is your mind set towards business
  • Journey vs lifestyle
    Emmanuel touches on the the reality of the small business journey as a lifestyle.
  • The L word and its value
    The internal due diligence and getting into business for the love of it not the need of it
  • It’s a marriage
    Emmanuel’s describes the relationships of going into business, arranged marriages, love marriages and marriage survival.
  • What is The Metamorphosis Project process?
    What Emmanuel regards as due diligence and the difference that is The Metamorphosis Project.
  • The risk and the down fall
    The ramifications of leaping into business with out a due diligence plan
  •  Passionate people
    The Australian approach to business
  • Red flags
    What to look for when know you need help and knowing when to ask for help before it’s over
  • Feelings translated into probability
    How to know you are the right fit for a business industry and how to match your best fit business
  • The Metrics 
    Location, profits, loans, target audience and rent
  • Numbers can be scary
    Emmanuel discovers that franchisees can be scared of the numbers and not evaluate the business regularly
  • Rose coloured glasses
    How not being honest with yourself and painting a brighter picture is not the way to go
  • The small business Sector Royal Commission
    Emmanuel offers his two cents worth on the Royal Commission and why so many have suffered
  • The future of the small business sector
    Where Emmanuel sees the small business sector in the future and it’s potential post Royal Commission
  • Which industry?
    The most at risk industry’s needing due diligence the most and how to protect yourself
  • The Metamorphosis Project exclusive offer
    The free consultation offer and the greater value of The Metamorphosis Project
  • The Metamorphosis Project education 
    Emmanuel’s goal of education the small business sector and making a difference
  • The Metamorphosis Project team
    the offerings and experience of The Metamorphosis Project team combined
  • The First question
    What is Emmanuel’s first question in business consulting and the answer you should have prepared
  • Why do what you do?
    The driving force behind Emmanuel’s passion for The Metamorphosis Project.
  • Education as a resource
    Emmanuel’s Due Diligence book in progress and how Emmanuel plans to share his lifetime of knowledge
  • The case study series
    The Metamorphosis Project case study series and educational resources for everyone
  • Worst and best case scenarios
    Times when no due diligence was a very bad idea and times where due diligence made things better
  • Getting in touch
    How best to contact Emmanuel and The Metamorphosis Project team

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