Due Diligence

The Metamorphosis Project

We help you realise the true value of your future franchise business and whether it is a perfect fit for you, your personality and your dreams. In our booklet you will find more information regarding the techniques and processes we work with, as well as some guidelines and strategies that you can start working with today to find your true passion in franchising.

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The most common mistakes in buying a business -The Due Diligence Case Study Series

Read below a passage taken from the first volume of the Due Diligence Case Study as we bring you real life cases of Due Diligence and the nightmare that they can become.

“She went on to explain that her husband hadn’t really considered her needs but saw a fantastic opportunity to buy this store which was being offered at a very good price. He had assured her that she didn’t have to work in the business (often).

I asked her whether they had sat together and communicated about the lifestyle implications of owning this business. Her silence was deafening. I knew. I had heard this story several times repeated over and over along the width and breadth of this country. 

In my conversation with her that night, I also learned that their relationship had worsened over the last few years. They started communicating less, and their children had to start counselling due to the constant fights at home over the decision to buy and run the business. “

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