Ep#271 Discover how a workplace health & safety and wellbeing assessment can boost productivity, reduce costs, create a safer working environment, enhance company culture and more (Ft. Daniel Grynberg – Founder & Director & Michael Armitage – Head of Operations of Active Health Online)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke with Daniel Grynberg (Founder and Director) and Michael Armitage (Head of Operations) from Active Health Online, the experts in workplace health, safety and wellbeing.

Listen as Daniel and Michael share how the pandemic helped identify a gap in the market and the need for workplace health & safety and wellbeing assessments, the benefits that come with having an assessment and how they are conducted, other types of services they offer, how hybrid workplaces have become the new norm in a post-pandemic world and so much more. 

Discussion Points:

  • A Gap In The Market
    Daniel discusses how the pandemic helped identify a gap in the market for ergonomic, health and safety guidelines for WFH setups.
  • Core Offerings
    Daniel describes the different types of clients AHO work with, and delves into the core offerings they provide.
  • The Assessment Procedure
    Daniel outlines what is involved in the ergonomic assessments and how they take place. 
  • Benefits
    Michael and Daniel explain their services’ benefits for employers, employees and businesses. 
  • Mental Health
    Daniel explains how poor office setups can affect overall well-being and productivity. 
  • Bad Examples
    Michael shares some of the most outrageous WFH setups he has personally witnessed
  • Return on Investment
    Daniel shares the return on investment businesses receive by lowering employee turnover, reducing work cover claims and more!
  • Expert Advice
    Daniel & Michael outline the qualifications and knowledge needed to execute AHO’s assessments – and how their team of trained health professionals achieve this. 
  • And More!

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