Video Podcast Interview: Featuring Jack White, Franchisee for Gutter Knight in Melbourne


Have you been looking for a multi-level franchise opportunity that checks all your boxes?
Today on Eden Exchanges we interview Jack White who is the Gutter Knight franchisee for Melbourne and learn all about his business journey so far. Watch (or listen) as Jack delves into his journey as a new business owner, the Gutter Knight business model, the challenges he has overcome, what he loves about being a franchisee and his advice for anyone looking to be their own boss.

Discussion Points

  • Jack’s professional role at Gutter Knight and his day to day activities
  • What attracted Jack to the Gutter Knight franchise
  • What Gutter Knight is and what they offer
  • Breaking down the Gutter Knight offering to customers
  • Where Gutter Knight is seeing demand for their services
  • Jack’s reasoning why Melbourne is a great place to one a Gutter Knight franchise.
  • Recent changes and reforms in the sector
  • Jack’s plans to grow his business
  • The multilevel business model of Gutter Knight
  • The training and support provided
  • Interacting with other franchisees and comradeship
  • Skillsets and attributes that Jack credits to his success
  • What Jack loves about being his own boss
  • Jack’s advice for anyone looking to be their own boss

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About Gutter Knight:

Gutter Knight is an Australian-owned business based in Brisbane with owner-operators around Australia who provide high quality, value for money gutter protection available for residential through to commercial applications. All products are Australian-sourced and pass through many strict Quality Control processes to ensure the highest quality material available.

Founded on old-fashioned work ethics and values, they ensure that no shortcuts are ever taken and every small detail is dealt with and accounted for. With over 9 years of industry experience, they have become the industry leader in gutter solutions. Gutter Knight is expanding its business and offering new franchise opportunities across Australia. 

The gutter protection installer is either the franchisee themselves or their experienced technician who has gone through a strict in-house ongoing training program. The franchisee is expected to personally meet the client onsite, on time, and listen to their requirements and answer any questions about the process and suggest possible solutions. Gutter Knight guarantees their workmanship by ensuring high-level training, ongoing operations support and marketing assistance to all its franchisees. 

Gutter Knight guarantees peace of mind to all its franchisees by offering-

  • Generous unrestricted territories
  • Unique multilevel business model
  • Ongoing training and support
  • A proven and successful system of operation
  • Opportunities for business growth and a strong financial return
  • Access to marketing resources