Video Interview: Featuring Adrian Gallace Franchise Development Manager at Concept Eight


Keen to learn more about the Concept Eight franchise and its virtual brands?
Watch our exclusive interview with Adrian from the Concept Eight head office team as he answers all your burning questions about the Concept Eight franchise brands, the virtual brands on offer, his journey developing and managing the brands and much more.


  • Adrian’s role at Concept Eight and his day to day activities
  • What Concept Eight is and what they offer
  • The new virtual and franchise brands being developed at Concept Eight
  • The unique offering by Concept Eight and what makes it a great opportunity
  • What’s new at Concept Eight
  • Beating the pandemic QSR slow down and new practices in their business models
  • Who the franchise brands are designed for
  • Adrian reveals the secrets behind Concept Eight’s continuing success
  • What’s to love about the Concept Eight brand and its QSR brands
  • Adrian’s advice for anyone thinking of turning their business into a virtual brand or adding a virtual brand to their offerings

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Concept Eight
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About Concept Eight:

A multi-brand franchisor behind successful QSR brands Noodle Box, Wokinabox, Pattysmiths, Supreme Leader, Double Dragon Dumplings and Alabama Chicken & Wings

Concept Eight is the powerhouse behind four successful QSR brands; Noodle Box, Wokinabox, Pattysmiths Burgers and Southern Seoul Chicken and Beer as well as a suite of virtual brands including Supreme Leader, Alabama Chicken & Wings, Double Dragon Dumplings plus Plant Patty and Nature’s Wok which are arriving soon.

With 25+ years of retail food industry experience, Concept Eight is one of Australia’s largest multi-brand franchisors, most notedly leading the charge in delivering best in class QSR virtual brand concepts. With restaurants in all Australian States.

Concept Eight has shaken up the industry through its innovative approach and multi-branded franchising opportunities and provides dedicated ongoing support to its franchise partner network through its eight key services :

1. Marketing
2. Operations
3. Training
4. Finance
5. Legal
6. Supply Chain
7. Restaurant Design and construction
8. Network Development