The Benefits Of A Franchise- Achieving Work-life Balance With Jim’s Fencing

Catherine Hayes, Jim’s Fencing Franchisor has found work-life balance looking after her family in Victoria thanks to Jim’s Fencing.-Catherine Hayes Divisional Manager and Franchisor for Jim’s Fencing.

According to Ross Jackson, General Manager at Jim’s Fencing, “Owning your own franchise is not just about financial gain, but the lifestyle benefits that come with being your own boss.”

From working more sociable hours to being flexible around growing families, Jim’s Fencing is proving to be one of the best providers of work-life balance combined with work satisfaction.

This is a sentiment shared by franchisors like Catherine Hayes. Catherine chose a fencing franchise over a career in the travel industry. She opted to store her passport and seek out a business venture that gave her satisfaction as a mum, wife and career woman as well as the profits that come with running a successful business. According to Catherine, “Thanks to the Jim’s system we have the lifestyle that we want with our young family.”

For years, Jim’s Fencing Franchisees have afforded benefits other occupations are sorely lacking in. Whether you are a builder, chef, fisherman, baker or butcher looking for more sociable hours, or a corporate professional needing to be there for the family, a franchise offering work flexibility can be life-changing.  As an employee, it can be tough to find a balance of income versus hours worked. This can leave some families struggling daily.

Rhian McClelland, Jim’s Fencing Franchisor for the Gold Coast recalls, “After only three years, I managed to buy my first house, since then I have had multiple trips overseas, always have four weeks off at Christmas and haven’t work a weekend in eleven years.“

Eleven years without working a weekend? Not even for overtime pay? Pinch me now. Even more unbelievable is that most Jim’s Fencing franchisees report turning up with a smile on their face. Many are happy to be outdoors and working in the fresh air after years of working in air-conditioned offices.

“We love the highs and the lows that having our own business has given us”– Franchisor for the Gold Coast Rhian Mclelland

Research has shown that your emotional health differs between desk jobs and outdoor working environments. It makes sense that almost every Jim’s Fencing franchisee reports loving working outdoors and getting stuck into it. There is something wonderful about being in a different location every job and creating masterful fences and gates to satisfaction. It is almost zen in a way. 

Jim’s Fencing has provided opportunities for families to work together and build their lifestyles around a business. For example, Jim’s Fencing franchisors, David and Mandy Fitzpatrick in WA are a husband and wife duo. They left the sheep farming industry, to make a go of it together as one unit. According to David, We work towards common goals and interests and tailor our family lifestyle towards this. When in business sometimes working by yourself can be a solitary existence, we find this dual focus also aids in supporting one another on a day to day basis.”

Choosing a business that doesn’t make someone else rich but allows you to be creative and independent is rewarding.

“We wanted the opportunity to work together not just in life but in business as well.”– David and Mandy  Fitzpatrick Franchisors for Regional WA.

You are your own boss as a Franchisee but you also have a Franchisor who monitors and guides you along the way. In truth, a Franchisor is not always in it for the money. Some Franchisors are simply ‘people persons’ and wish to see others succeed. They love nothing more than hearing that a Franchisee is doing well in their business, has the time to pursue their hobbies or makes it to their kid’s sports match.

For example, Adam Powell of regional NSW says, “My passion is to assist in making them (his Franchisees) successful in building their businesses. I look at ways to make each day easier for them, so they can get more time back in the day and enjoy the quality of life.”

Clearly work-life balance is a must for the Jim’s Fencing business. Nothing is more unsatisfactory than finding out that one of your Franchisees is not happy. The Jim’s Group has succeeded in providing a proven working philosophy that works for everybody, in business and in their lifestyles.

“We are unique as we have a good culture between our fellow franchisee’s”– Adam Powell Regional Franchisor for NSW

With dozens of Jim’s Fencing Franchisees and Franchisors reporting happy, prosperous and well balanced lives after joining the Franchise, it would be amiss not to consider an opportunity to live the life you want.

Jim’s Fencing in the last financial year turned away $33,000,000 worth of work across Australia due to a lack of Franchisees to service the jobs. With Jim’s Fencing in demand, there is an abundance of fences waiting to be made or repaired.

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