Podcast: Ep#74 Cleaning Up In Australia’s Commercial Sector (ft. Damien Boehm – Founder Of Urban Clean)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Damien Boehm, who is the founder and owner of Urban Clean, a rapidly growing commercial cleaning franchise spreading across Australia.

 Listen as Damien highlights his business journey, his vision for the company, the planning and strategy required to grow a a successful franchise system and what makes Urban Clean unique in Australia’s commercial cleaning sector.

Damien Boehm- Founder and owner of the Urban Clean franchise

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Damien’s professional background as an entrepreneur and business professional
  • The business in the beginning
    Operating a single cleaning business and the decision to convert it into a franchise
  • Damien’s impressive vision and strategic focus
    The market, the business model and the methodology to a great business
  • Listening to the market
    Trial and error, rapid innovation to get to a product market fit
  • The mantra
    Anyone can clean but what is required to succeed?
  • The ideal market
    Assessing the market and identifying the best customers
  • Supplying the contracts
    Why Urban Clean provides the customers and wins contracts for its franchisees
  • Unique approach to franchise locations
    Why Urban clean franchisees have no territories and operate by sharing location
  • Quality control
    How it is not just about cleaning, it is about the quality control and peak performance, every time
  • Making a difference in the industry
    Bad press in the franchise industry, the down side to sub-contracting business models and how Urban Clean redefining the industry
  • The ideal franchisee
    What Damien looks for in a potential franchisee and how he maintains the Urban Clean reputation through his franchisees
  • Technology and standards
    Technology and applications helping franchisees and providing support
  • The win win
    How you can win in life and in business with Urban Clean
  • What kind of person succeeds at Urban Clean?
    The type of person who would best suit an Urban Clean franchise and the lifestyle that works best with the business
  • How to get in touch
    The best way to enquire about the business and find out more about the business

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About Urban Clean

Since franchising the business in 2014, over 80 franchisees have joined Urban Clean. Urban Clean has established a national footprint and cleans offices, gyms and medical centres throughout Australia.

An Urban Clean business targets the profitable segment of the commercial cleaning market. The service is designed directly around this target market and uses industry only technology and systems to deliver on customers’ unique needs. Our sales system to secure new cleaning contracts is unique and second to none in the industry.

The commercial cleaning industry is huge. Billions of dollars get spent every year, to keep businesses clean. A commercial cleaning business is a truly great way to earn flexible extra income after hours.

We invite you to explore this exciting opportunity. The Urban Clean team  look forward to meeting you in person in the near future.
Click here to enquire now.