FIFO Is A No Go? WA Miners Offered a Sustainable Plan For Their Future With Jim’s Fencing

Western Australia is a wealthy mining state, making it one of the most independent and self-sufficient states in the nation. However, with the end of the mining construction boom, wildly fluctuating commodity prices and lower foreign investment, many FIFO (Fly-In-Fly-Out) operators have been left in limbo as they wait for new resource project contracts to open up and other capital intensive projects to begin.

WA’s  history of success in the resources industries saw a policy of low percentage GST (4.9% for 2018-19) from the Federal Government but with the WA mining industry facing a contraction, the state’s proposed share of the budget is expected to fall. WA’s debt increased by $11 billion dollars in 2017 and the current Government hopes to return to budget surplus by 2020-21. However, with underperforming resources industries, WA is looking at a very long wait to replenish its revenue stores.

The industry is restructuring. A once engaged workforce of FIFO workers in the mining sector is looking at career alternatives and opportunities. Small business ownership and franchising have been outlets for significant career change, with many seeing them as viable options.

WA’s State Treasurer Ben Wyatt has called out the Government’s financial plan for the state as “Abysmal” and “a threat to the sustainability of the state’s finances”. Small business ownership and franchising have been outlets for significant career change,

An alternative to FIFO work?

The base salary of $80,000 a year for some job roles within mining is a powerful incentive to choose a FIFO life considering that it can lead to first home ownership, holidays, nice cars, luxury items and bank savings. This in some circles is known as the “Golden handcuffs”. However, long term benefits are often disregarded as income is only guaranteed as long as work is available and if the industry is predicting extended high profit work.

The FIFO lifestyle, as many mining and infrastructure operators can tell you, takes its toll. Dean and Meesha Watson who are franchisors from Jim’s Fencing in WA opted out of the resources sector when they realised that the long term impacts no longer aligned with their current needs. According to Dean; “I was working in Canning Vale for a drill manufacturer, but wanted to do something different. I was sick of shift work and missing out on time with my young family.” 

With WA mining companies often taking part in negotiated temporary payroll contractions with their workers, many miners and FIFO operators are thinking of their long term future now rather than later. Industries and Government infrastructure projects are no longer the assured income and job providers they have been before.

The Franchising Council of Australia in the past advised miners and related industries that “franchising is a great way to start again”. When facing future financial instability, many Australians have found piece of mind as franchisees and sole business owners, and have begun reclaiming their future.

Jim’s Fencing has been a popular way for mining sector workers to get their lives on track. Especially for handy people who may have spent a career working with heavy machinery. With a recorded $33 million of unserviced leads in 2016-17 across Australia, Jim’s Fencing is looking to increase their franchise numbers in WA. 

Franchisors David and Mandy Fitzpatrick left behind their work in the sheep and wheat farming industry in the state to work together and reinvest in their future. According to David, the collegial nature of the franchise attracts new franchisees who may be looking to get in to business for the first time, “By far the most important thing is having a great attitude and aptitude for work. We are there to help with the shortfalls that come with lack of experience.” 

Adam Sachse- Jim’s Fencing Cottesloe.

The same can be said for Adam Sachse, one of Jim’s Fencing’s youngest franchisees, who also left behind his sheep and wheat farming home, in the hopes of finding work in the city. Adam became a franchisee for Jim’s Fencing in Cottesloe and is an inspiration in his community participating regularly in the Rottnest Island Swim. 

With only 18 franchises recorded in Northern WA and 7 in the Southern Regions, there are plenty of areas looking to be filled across the great state. Despite the resources  sector cooling down, we know that many would probably give their teeth to live in the bright state of WA. Population in WA is steadily increasing as people move over both from abroad and within Australia , and that means new housing developments and more than 20,000 new residential developments are already in their planning stages

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