Franchises Benefit As Australians Embrace The Growing Accounting Services Sector

“I joined Jim’s after looking at a number of other franchises. I chose Jim’s Bookkeeping and Tax because of the Jim’s name… the brand recognition and particularly I wanted to get out and start my own business.” – Mike Boardman a franchisee of Jim’s Bookkeeping and Tax.

One million Australians are changing their jobs each year, leaving all industries susceptible to shifting markets. However, the services industry appears to thrive on the developing economy. According to research firm IBISWorld, the accounting services industry has had annual growth of 2.6% over the past five years, with no signs of decline. The Australian workforce steadily relies upon cognitive problem-solving skills and value added services to combat the developing role automation plays at workplaces. Cognitive skills that are crucial to the financial industry. 

“The Australian accounting and bookkeeper sector is transforming.  The future will look quite different to the past, and the way we work with our franchisees is all about helping  them be set up for success in the future cloud accounting world.” – Grant Meikle National Divisional Franchisor for Jim’s Bookkeeping and Tax.

A rise in the ‘gig economy’ is also changing how people engage and structure their finances. Start-up businesses, entrepreneurs and freelance contractors are increasingly common with financial departments either adapting or becoming obsolete. With changing times, uncertain economics, and political factors, people may be hesitant to venture the small business market due to the risk. Becoming a franchisee minimises the risk and start-up costs without sacrificing one’s independence.

While the Jim’s Group is a large market player in the outdoor, home-services sector, they have proven that their capabilities extend to the office as well. Jim’s Bookkeeping and Tax are sprouting fresh franchise opportunities for bookkeepers interested in being in charge.

Neil Laird began with Jim’s Bookkeeping and Tax when he wanted his own business without the formalities of starting his own practice. That was 12 years ago now, and he still benefits from the ongoing support from the Jim’s brand. Neil states, “New clients come in without working too hard to get them… I get a lot of personal referrals and referrals from Jim’s are my major leads.”

Gaining and maintaining competitive advantage to keep your market interested is an area Grant Meikle knows all too well. As National Divisional Franchisor for Jim’s Bookkeeping, Meikle is more than aware of the properties of correct marketing tactics. His advice to improve revenue and profitability is for companies to focus on their niche market rather than attempting to please everyone and failing.

According to Grant, “Client demands have shifted drastically over the years. The ability to provide a personalised service is a key component of success over competitors. Likewise, we’ve seen a noticeable surge in experienced accountants and bookkeepers looking to leave corporate accounting and be their own boss.”

Franchising today gives franchisees a guaranteed business model and direct access to marketing and support not given to start-up businesses. Accountants and bookkeepers ready to start their own franchise will enjoy the trusted network and the many years of experience Jim’s Bookkeeping and Tax can offer. The support and knowledge provided by franchisors in today’s uncertain economic climate can prove to be invaluable to first time business owners.

Jim’s Group is one of Australia’s leading brands for services, with over 3,700 franchisees in its network. If you are ready for a change of pace in the industry and are excited about getting your name out there as a small business owner, Jim’s Bookkeeping and Tax might be the perfect fit.

Jim’s Bookkeeping and Tax provides the support and network to ensure new franchisees get the most out of their new business. This franchising opportunity will get your foot in the door of starting your own business and ensure you keep up with the developing economy.

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