Is Healthy Eating The Wealthy Way Of The Future? Unique Business Opportunity For Health Freaks And Hunter Gatherer Enthusiasts


Many Australians are looking for ways to eat and live the way their bodies need and are looking for healthier catered options.

An increased focus on healthy food habits and a rise in diagnosis of food allergies have driven a boom in raw food and paleo style restaurants and cafes in Australia over the past decade.

The CSIRO released study findings in 2016 that showed more than 30 percent of Australians are avoiding food products such as gluten, meat or dairy and are reportedly healthier as a result. Recent data shows that 69 percent of Australians are cutting down on sugar.

The report found most people made the decision to cut certain food groups from their diets to alleviate distressing health symptoms and also in response to a heightened awareness of healthy eating and its benefits.

Choosi released a ‘Modern Food Trends’ report in 2017 that highlighted 82 percent of Australians have changed their personal eating habits in the past five years with more than half of the respondents stating they are eating healthier now than they were five years ago.

Australians Are Demanding Healthier Options
With 30% of Australians having food allergies. More catered food options are in demand that accomodate all.

The ‘Eating Out in Australia’ report released in 2017 shows more Australians are choosing healthy food options when dining out in what experts say is an encouraging shift in the fight against obesity.

Two in three Australians are now overweight or obese. Founder of the Delicia Acai & Protein Bar franchise, Scott Dempster, says the brand strives to change
people’s lives and inspire people’s healthy living journeys. Scott provides an example of a morbidly obese couple who came into a new Delicia café that opened in their area and started buying healthy protein shakes every day.

“Our shop was inviting enough for them to feel comfortable to come in and start making healthy choices,” Scott says. “Over three months I noticed a huge change in this couple. They said the decision to come to Delicia and buy our products had inspired them to join the gym and in just a few months they had lost more than 25 kilograms.”

Australian consumers are pushing for healthier options in their meal choices, a focus that is changing the way take away food is sold. Food businesses are now offering alternative options on the menu, often incorporating gluten and lactose free and vegetarian options.

Eating On The Run In An Increasingly Fast-Paced World

Delicia caters to the inner hunter gatherer with its paleo friendly Brazilian style cafe selection from raw coffee to snack bowls and cheat day treats.

More Australians are choosing to ‘eat on the run’ with 21 percent of Australian workers preferring to eat lunch at their desks. The number of food and drink products on the market claiming to be able to be consumed ‘on the go’ increased by 55 percent between 2012 and 2017.

Scott Dempster says one of the main drives behind creating the Delicia Acai & Protein Bar came from his own difficulties in finding fast, nutritious foods to suit his dietary needs.

“I would have to pick a café’s menu to pieces to try and get what I wanted and sometimes they just wouldn’t help me,” Scott says. “It made me realise that fast, convenient, healthy food was completely missing from the market.”

As Australian’s lives become increasingly busy, many people are preferring to eat out rather than prepare meals at home, creating a strong demand for paleo food restaurants and allergy or food intolerance friendly franchises, with solid potential for relevant health food businesses to be successful in city corporate business districts.

Delicia Acai And Protein Bar on Trend In Exciting Health Food Industry

Delicia Acai and Protein Bar is on trend in the healthy food industry and is set to be a national success. Already an award-winning franchise in South Australia, Delicia are specialists in acai, espresso, protein and raw treats and offers an extensive menu to cater to all health conscious and food allergy requirements.

Already with fourteen locations in South Australia, the Delicia brand is looking to expand nationally. The brand displays a passion for exercise, healthy living and lifestyle choices. Founder Scott Dempster says he has incorporated his passion for Jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian culture into the Delicia cafes.

“I have a strong physical, emotional and spiritual connection to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and it’s a big part of our café’s culture,” Scott says. “All of our Delicia franchise cafes have that Brazilian feel so people can either come in and get their food quickly or they can come in and kick and relax as people do in Brazil.”

Australia Is A Hub For Healthy Eating And ‘Foodie’ Business Opportunities
Australians are wanting lifestyle change acceptance that accommodates their needs so they don’t feel left out when they eat out with friends.

Riding the wave of healthy eating education and raw food alternatives, Australia’s capital cities are primed for the business opportunity that a health-conscious brand such as Delicia Acai & Protein Bar presents.

Melbourne has been experiencing a “raw food trend” since 2010 and is showing no signs of slowing. Packed with outstanding talent and celebrity restaurants, Melbourne is often referred to as Australia’s gourmet food capital. Famous for its laneway cafes and the ‘foodie’ enclave suburbs of Richmond, Fitzroy and Brunswick, the vibrant food scene in Melbourne offers outstanding opportunity for a paleo café.

‘Hippy food’ has gone mainstream in Sydney with vegetarianism rising by 30 percent in the city within the last four years. Sydney has a strong multicultural food industry, particularly in the south-west suburbs and the tourist-popular areas of North Shore and Bondi.

Brisbane has seen a significant surge in vegan-inspired dining options, with a selection of vegan bakeries and restaurants opening their doors and multiple vegan food delivery services operating across the city. No longer is the city centre or Valley the only options for a good meal, the Brisbane suburbs of Sandgate, Moorooka and Ashgrove are building their reputations as being serious food hot spots.

The relaxed Perth atmosphere has inspired a trend in 2018 of promoting a ‘free-range’ lifestyle of eating wholesome foods, maintaining an active lifestyle and overall healthy eating. The ‘nude food’ trend is leading the way in trendy Perth locations in Subiaco, Leederville, City Beach and Fremantle.

Scott Dempster- Founder owner and MD of Delicia acai + Protein bar franchises

There is real opportunity in Hobart, the Tasmanian city famous for its fresh seafood restaurants and the gourmet delights of the Salamanca Markets. Similarly, Darwin is also primed for a heath food franchise with the highest rates of obesity and physical inactivity in the country and only one organic health food retailer in the city.

A Healthy Franchise With A Healthy Business Model

Perfectly suited for people already involved in the food industry, entrepreneurs looking for a challenge, health and exercise enthusiasts or people who know first-hand the difficulties of living with a food allergy, a Delicia franchise presents an outstanding opportunity to lead the health food sector in Australia’s capital cities.

Founder Scott Dempster says a potential franchisee does not necessarily need to possess previous business management experience as the established training systems allow franchisees to build their business with full ongoing support.

“To be honest, I’ve found the best franchisees have passion, drive and do not have huge amounts of previous business experience,” Scott says. “They will take on our systems, can quickly see our systems work well and they therefore do not see the need to change them.” Scott says Delicia is a franchise model with a very different approach to business.

“If you are looking for that next chapter or challenge in life, if you are an existing business looking to be part of a big family or if you are at a crossroads and need a complete new direction, then we would love to hear your story,” Scott says. “What do you have to lose?”

How Can I Pursue My Health Food Passion In This Exiting, Evolving Industry?

If you have been searching for a lucrative business opportunity and if you have the drive, commitment and passion to make a success of your own unique business in the health food industry, please click here and complete the Franchise Enquiry Form. For Further Information, contact Eden Exchange on +613 86582292 or +612 8880 5535.

About Delicia Acai + Protein Bar

At Delicia we specialise in Brazilian style acai, espresso, protein snacks and raw treats. We emphasis our attention on ‘healthism’ and care in our product to produce for our customers.

Once you taste our shakes, gluten free protein bars and yogurts you will understand that Delicia cafes takes pride in providing delicious and memorable alternatives to healthy eating and make healthy living a treat. We are not interested in being a bland franchise cafe, we want to recruit café owners who share our passion in our product and also want to grow a business.

As fitness and general health education peak, demand for healthy alternatives are skyrocketing and Delicia Acai & Protein Bar are providing paleo style healthy living alternatives for those seeking choose healthy and nutritious alternatives to alternative style beverages and invigorating snacking.

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