Podcast: Ep#19 Guidance for Small Businesses with James Jacka

Thinking of taking the leap into business? What skills do you actually need to achieve your goals?

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James Jacka currently heads up Jim’s Test & Tag and Jim’s Fire Safety in Australia

In this special episode of Eden Exchanges on Guidance for Small Businesses we spoke to James Jacka, a successful Franchisor and savvy businessman. His breadth of knowledge, experiences and insights into Aussie business makes him an excellent authority to give you guidance on finding a business that suits your needs, excel once it’s locked in, and achieve your ongoing goals and objectives.

We urge you to listen in to this practical, step-by-step advice that takes you through the whole process of small business ownership, wherever you are on that scale.

Key Points

  • Small businesses and franchises in the Australian landscape
  • Is a small business for everyone?
  • Suggestions for someone looking for work-life balance
  • What are people looking for? What motivates people to start up a business?
  • Understanding the stresses
  • Family & managing the social aspect
  • Having an on/off switch
  • Going it alone as an entrepreneur, or finding a system to work for you
  • Different styles of business and people
  • Figuring out the financials
  • Starting your business plan and cash flow
  • Narrowing down business to suit your skills for the most financial returns
  • How to generate work and get to market
  • Advertising tips
  • What to look out for when buying a business
  • Do your research, fact check, and ask the right questions
  • Short, medium, and long term goals
  • Choosing who to partner with and setting clear boundaries
  • Final pieces of advice

See James’ profile on Eden Exchange.