Podcast: Ep#140 IG3 Education – A World Leading Technology for Teaching and Learning (Ft. Tony Church, CEO of IG3 Education Ltd)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Tony Church, CEO of IG3 Education Ltd, working with BlueMount Capital (QLD) Pty Ltd. Tony highlights his background working in the education and technology sector both in Australia and South Africa. Tony also talks about the demand for education support platforms in the world market, the potential for growth and development in the sector and how unique the offerings of IG3 Education Ltd are, as a customised user friendly integrated platform ready in the market today. Listen on to find out more.

Tony Church – CEO of IG3 Education Ltd

Headquartered on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, IG3 Education Ltd focusses on ‘In-Classroom’ technology and has an unrivalled solution offering in the Australian market.  The Company has a strong management team with industry specific expertise and proven execution. IG3 Education Ltd has a well-established service and support network throughout Australia and a product install base covering around 75% of Australian schools with 14,000 additional home users.

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Tony highlights his professional and educational background in both South Africa and Australia
  • Becoming the CEO
    How Tony became the CEO of IG3 Education Ltd and his journey so far with the Company
  • What does it do?
    That IG3 Education ltd does as a software platform and why it is a good time to be involved in the software education market
  • Who are the customers?
    Tony identifies who his customers are and how IG3 Education Ltd is able to market to customers from Kindergarten to K-12 level
  • The technology behind the product
    Explaining the technology and the unique integrated catered portal service platform
  • Is high-tech education in demand?
    Tony describes the current demand in the world market for superior solution platforms like IG3 Education Ltd
  • The success and the drive so far
    Tony identifies and breaks down the meaning behind the estimated 75% total assimilation in Australia’s Education Department, his main success so far and his plans for the future
  • Where the greatest development potential lies
    Identifying where the greatest potential lies for product development in the ed-tech industry and what Tony is most excited about in the future
  • The next steps for a CEO
    Tony’s plans for the future as CEO of the Company and where he plans to direct the Company for growth and expansion
  • Support from the board
    The board and team at the heart of IG3 Education Ltd and their support for the Company
  • Key achievements and challenges
    Tony identifies the challenges he has faced as CEO of IG3 Education Ltd, the challenges of the sector and the subsequent achievements along the way
  • Drive
    What Tony loves most about the Company and what he enjoys most about being the CEO

Useful Links:

Website / Company profile

About the business

IG3 Education provides the technology for teaching and learning through a range of software solutions (language, literacy, mathematics, learning skills) via MyIG3, an “internet portal” and software packages, interactive technologies, computers and hardware solutions. The Company has two divisions, IG3 Education Ltd trading as Eduss Learning and IG3 Education Ltd trading as ABI (A Brighter Image). IG3 Education was awarded the Interactive Solutions supplier contract for Queensland Education, QED SOA-71789, in January 2019 and has also been successful in securing the supply contract for Online Instructional Software resources for Queensland, QEDSOA-85572. In addition, the AstralVision interactive panel range, a company owned brand, was added to the New South Wales government’s approved product list in 2018.

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