Ep#195 “Simply Helping continues to grow strongly. The Pandemic has seen a further shift toward in-home care in Australia” (Ft. Angela Feery-Richards, Founder and Director of Simply Helping)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we welcome back our returning guest Angela Feery Richards, who is the Founder and Director of Simply Helping in-home franchises. Listen as Angela discusses the resilience of the home care sector, how Simply Helping has been fairing during 2020 and why in-home care is the ideal business opportunity for dedicated and intelligent individuals.

Angela Feery-Richards- Founder of Simply Helping franchises

Discussion Points:

  • Background:
    Angela’s professional background
  • Simply Helping
    What it is, how Simply Helping came about and how it was formed
  • Business as usual
    How Simply Helping has been performing during two lockdowns and during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Demand for Simply Helping is strong
    Angelia describes how the pandemic has influenced changes in care for the elderly in Australia and how the demand for in-home care has never been stronger
  • A pandemic ready business model
    Angela explains why the Simply Helping business model did not need to change during the pandemic and how each franchisee adapted well regarding the varying changes to state and industry restrictions
  • Simply Helping clients and differentiation
    Types of customers and why families are considering in-home care over care facilities
  • The decision to become a franchisee
    Angela highlights the core factors that should define your decision to become a franchisee and why it’s important to do your research
  • The mind-set and nature of a Simply Helping franchisee
    The mind-set, ambition and the personality of a successful franchisee. Who would best suit a franchise model like Simply Helping?
  • What drives Angela to simply help?
    Why Angela loves the sector so much and where she sees the business expanding in the future.
  • Essential advice
    Angela lists the key things you should consider before enquiring about a Simply Helping franchise, her screening process and what it takes to be a franchisee with Simply Helping

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About Simply Helping

Simply Helping was founded by Angela Feery-Richards in Australia back in 1998. Angela has an extensive background in the health industry spanning 35 years as a health professional within the private and the public sector. Simply Helping has developed as a company of integrity to provide a suite of services to individuals and families using professional and trusted carers within an environment of caring and meeting the needs and wants of its clients.

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