Podcast: A Purpose Driven Franchise Putting the Franchisee First (ft. Michael White and Aaron Chowdhury from Drug Safe Communities)

Profitability with purpose: improving the safety of Australian communities


Michael White, Founder and Director of Drug-Safe

In this episode of Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Drug-Safe Communities Founder Michael White, and their Recruitment Manager Aaron Chowdhury. Michael told us how he came to found Drug-Safe, a purpose-driven business and franchise system which improves the safety of Australian communities. Aaron talked us through the benefits of the franchise model which brings passionate people together and puts the franchisee first.

Key Points

  • About Drug-Safe, and how the franchise works day to day
  • The events and motivations that led Michael to start a drug safety business and franchise model
  • How the franchise model improves the negative impacts of drug use in Australia
  • Long term vision and direction of the company

    Aaron Chowdhury, Recruitment Manager for Drug-Safe
  • What makes a great franchise for Drug-Safe – ‘The Big Why’ and being good cultural fit
  • What are some key lessons you’ve learned while building the business and brand?
  • Upcoming goals
  • Campaigns in the market now
  • The value proposition and returns for new franchisees
  • Where do you think the Australian franchise sector, and drug safety industry, is heading?
  • How do you support new recruits who might not know much about the industry?
  • How do you help them build the business?
  • How to go about applying
  • Recruitment process
  • Next steps

Useful Links

For over 16 years the founders of Drug-Safe Australia Pty Ltd have led the alcohol and other drug screening industry in addressing substance abuse across Australia and the South Pacific.

During this period the business has concentrated upon the needs of National and Multi National clients who had a need to ensure their workforce was protected from the growing abuse of substances such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, meth amphetamine and more recently synthetic variations of the traditional drug groups. We have addressed all accreditation requirements such as ISO 9001 and were the first on-site organisation to meet the stringent NATA accreditation.

Whilst we have been very successful in developing our systems and clients we have identified a pressing need to have a broad coverage of field officers across Australia who are enthusiastically supportive of the Company’s objectives and ideals but at a regional level.

To address this, it has been decided that a separate franchising entity should be created that can nurture and harness the enthusiastic nature of regional individuals who wish to make a difference within their own community.