Growing Demand for Environmentally Friendly Workplaces and Homes – EziCleen Recruiting Licensees

Awareness about the impact of chemicals on the environment, workplaces and homes continues to grow. According to the Green Building Council of Australia, “Green Buildings incorporate design, construction and operational practices that significantly reduce or eliminate its negative impact on the environment and its occupants”. With Green now becoming the new normal, there is a push to make Australian commercial and residential premises safer and more environmentally friendly.

EziCleen has been at the front and centre of the trend since 1992. Its unique licensee business model specialises in glass and surface coating protection and minimises the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. Its products provide protective coating that reduces wear and tear in homes as well as in industrial and commercial premises. This includes UV damage which is commonplace in the harsh Australian weather.

With demand for safer and environmentally friendly solutions growing across Australia, the company is experiencing a spike in demand and is recruiting licensees across the country. With 80% of their business accumulated by referrals alone, EziCleen licensees are benefiting from the Australian market’s continuing move towards safety and environmental responsibility.

According to Peter Davies, Director at EziCleen, “We are concerned about the welfare and future of our environment and only select the latest environmentally friendly technologies that deliver to customers an and our planet the best results. We are proud members of The Green Building Council of Australia, and continually research and identify the safest and most effective surface treatment products that are available in the international market place. Choosing EziCleen means you’ll be helping the environment by avoiding the use of harsh toxic chemicals and minimising your carbon footprint.”

   “A business specialising in glass and surface coating minimises the need for harsh cleaning chemicals” 

With  a range of aspirational Australian companies declaring they will be carbon footprint zero in the near future and some pledging to be chemical free, EziCleen licensees are in the unique position of growing a business in a lucrative area while also helping the environment.

According to Peter, “EzicCleen licensees are doing their part to ease the strain on the environment caused by chemicals in the air and in our groundwater. Our entire process is environmentally friendly. Our advanced surface treatment operates at a molecular level. It uses nanotechnology to attach itself permanently to surfaces. This includes older and well used surfaces with marks and scratches without discolouration. Our services can reduce customer’s cleaning time and effort by up to 90%”.

“EziCleen licensees are benefiting from a continuing move towards safety and environmental responsibility”


For EziCleen Licensees, there are minimal overheads to run the business, giving them greater flexibility to develop a business at their own pace. It is designed for them be their own boss, work their own hours and reap the full benefits of what they earn. 

EziCleen can be a lucrative business opportunity and the company is looking for highly motivated people to join as licensees as they expand across Australia. According to Peter, “This is an opportunity to become self-employed, help the environment, join a recognised national brand, receive excellent training and support while avoid the risk of a large capital investment.”

If EziCleen ticks all the boxes for you as a business opportunity why not click below and find out more about the business by enquiring today.

About EziCleen
If you desire to create a better work-life balance, more opportunities to spend time with your family, the ability to choose your own work hours and earn the type of money that you want, then an EziCleen Licensed Territory could be for you.
EziCleen also have exclusive distribution rights with other leading protective coating products that can be applied to various surfaces such as ceramics, tiles, grout, metals, natural stone or engineered stone, giving our licensees a diverse income stream.
We have minimal competition as our products can only be purchased and applied by trained licensed applicators. Click here to enquire and find out more.