Podcast: Ep#263 A global brand and leader in the education sector, Tutor Doctor Australia is a franchise opportunity with a huge difference. Join us as we chat about the potential that comes with owning your own franchise. (Ft Greg Sweeney, Franchise Development Director at Tutor Doctor Australia)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke with the Franchise Development Director at Tutor Doctor Australia, Greg Sweeney. Greg unpacks the successful tailored tutoring and mentoring programs worldwide available at Tutor Doctor, what’s new in the education sector and insights into common tutoring practices, what makes the Tutor Doctor business model unique and an attractive franchise opportunity, Greg’s integral insights into anyone wanting to start their own business and so much more.

Discussion Points:

Franchise Development Director at Tutor Doctor Australia
  • Greg’s Background
    Greg delves into how he moved from retail to the franchise world, before first connecting with Canadian based franchise Tutor Doctor while in Africa
  • Every student can learn
    Where the concept for Tutor Doctor came from and what sets it apart as a global business
  • Franchise locations
    The Australian states where Tutor Doctor has a strong presence and where there are still opportunities for franchisees to spread the business further
  • Business tools available
    The proven business model that allows franchisees to claim independence as business owners. How they can empower their students with support on the ground
  • Keeping up with an evolving industry
    Greg believes it is crucial that Tutor Doctor keeps up with modern techniques and research. The importance of keeping in touch with local laws
  • The skills and attributes needed
    What Tutor Doctor looks for in a franchisee. It is not just about making money, but helping children in the community achieve what they are capable of. You don’t have to be an educator
  • What drives Greg
    The values that keep Greg passionate about Tutor Doctor and what motivates his franchisees to keep growing
  • And so much more

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About Tutor Doctor

Since 1879, Dymocks has supported a lifelong love of learning through its mission to foster a love of reading. More than 30 years ago Dymocks expanded on this with the launch of Dymocks Children’s Charities. This not-for-profit organisation helps Australian children improve their literacy. Make a difference. Make an impact. Make a change. 

Believing in education for life, the Dymocks Group are investing in the next generation of readers, thinkers, creators and problem-solvers with their new enterprise Dymocks Tutoring, a different approach to learning support.

Offering tutoring services to primary and secondary students, Dymocks Tutoring is not ‘more school’, they offer a new approach to learning that puts your child at the centre of our system. 

Dymocks Tutoring specialise in programs for English, Mathematics, Science, Business Studies and Legal Studies and have brought along with them some of the very best tutors in the business.

The materials and programs are developed by trained teachers with many years of experience and are constantly updated to reflect curriculum changes as well as best practices in learning.

Dymocks Tutoring’s learning hubs are designed to optimise your child’s learning experience. It provides a safe and innovative environment, equipped with the latest technology and learning materials to help your child maximise their marks across their education journey.