Podcast: Ep#268 A market leader in a unique industry, a highly scalable business with a proven business model – join us as we unpack the highly profitable venture that is Silver Pet Prints (Ft. Ian Peebles, General Manager of Silver Pet Prints)

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On this episode of Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Ian Peebles, the General Manager of Silver Pet Prints Franchises. Listen as Ian discusses how Silver Pet Prints came about and how it’s making big waves in a unique industry, the custom jewellery design and process, how it’s become such a strong retail venture, the highly scalable opportunity that awaits new franchisees, all of Silver Pet Prints successes so far and so much more.

Discussion Points:

Ian Peebles – General Manager of Silver Pet Prints
  • Background of Silver Pet Prints
    How Ian’s wife inspired him to get involved in the keepsake jewellery business and how Silver Pet Prints was created from a sister franchise
  • One of a kind business
    Silver Pet Prints is the only keepsake business that specialises in pets, setting it apart from other products on the market 
  • Working with third parties
    How franchisees are able to scale their businesses directly with customers, but are also given the chance to grow through third party companies in the pet industry 
  • Rewarding moments
    The reaction from customers can be quite moving and the appreciative response makes it a rewarding industry to work in
  • Anyone can get involved
    The jewellery making process is very simple. Ian believes anyone can learn the practical side of the business, however he is looking for franchisees who have confidence in sales
  • Future plans + targets
    Broadening the face to face reach in new States and regions. Ian outlines where there is still room for Silver Pet Prints to grow
  • Having clear goals
    Ian’s advice for any aspiring business owner is to have their end goal in sight and to know what they want to achieve
  • And much more

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About Silver Pet Prints

Silver Pet Prints was founded by the creators of the successful Smallprint franchise which makes jewellery capturing children’s fingerprints, hand and footprints and drawings on sterling silver jewellery. 

Silver Pet Prints has taken the same approach of creating sentimental keep sakes and brought it to the in-demand pet market to create personalised, handcrafted, fine silver jewellery pieces that are engraved with a pet’s unique paw print. They hold a very special place in people’s hearts and their homes and as such, each Silver Pet Print they make holds enormous sentimental value to their owner.