Podcast: Ep#249 “Goop Guys Is A Franchise Opportunity That Is Growing Strong And Providing Me A Work-Life Balance” (Ft. David Pollock franchisee for Goop Guys Melbourne South East).

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to David Pollock who is the South East Melbourne Franchisee of Goop Guys, Australia’s leading provider of temporary surface protection coating systems. Listen as David delves into why he wanted to join Goop Guys, operating a Franchisee and the benefits that come with it such as training and support, and his advice on the business journey of owning a franchise.

Discussion Points:

David Pollock – Franchisee for Goop Guys Melbourne South East
  • A gentle nudge
    David touches on the circumstances that led him to Goop Guys
  • An unmissable opportunity
    David shares the aspects of the franchise that piqued his interest
  • What is Goop?
    Goop is an exclusive formulation that performs exceptionally well in the protection of building surfaces
  • A great Goop Guys location
    David outlines the benefits of his location in Eastern Melbourne
  • Differentiation and demand
    With a number of different surface protectant formulas, Goop Guys can work to their customer’s needs
  • A steady supply of Goop
    Goop is supplied by head office, making it readily available for franchisee use
  • Achieving goals with GOOP
    David reflects on the incredible achievements he has accomplished since becoming a franchisee
  • Recipe for success
    Communication and a customer-centric attitude are just two of the attributes David associates with his success in the business
  • Work-life balance
    David discusses the way he has been able to find his own work-life balance
  • Continued growth
    David explains the initial and ongoing support provided by head office
  • Startup kit and everyday support
    Goop Guys offers franchisees all the skills and equipment needed to run a successful business every day
  • Treat it like a business
    David offers wise advice for potential investors
  • Unbeatable freedom and support
    Business owners can work around their own schedules with support from head office as needed

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About Goop Guys:

Goop Guys was established in 2001 and is Australia’s leading provider of temporary surface protection coating systems.  The quality of their products is unsurpassed and are in high demand in the building and construction industry. To meet the growing demand for Goop products, they are offering Franchise opportunities to Australians who can help them expand further by providing the highest level of service to match a product that is second to none. 

As a Goop Guys franchise owner, you will have the opportunity to learn from the industry leaders and at the same time benefit from their streamlined processes and large customer database. This opportunity is ideal for someone who is looking to start their own lifestyle business or find a business to mould and expand as their own.