Podcast: Ep#248 “‘Goop’ is a revolutionary product that is in demand and making a significant impact in the construction and renovation sector” (Ft. Wayne Poole Franchise Development Manager at Goop Guys Franchises)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Wayne Poole who is the Franchise Development Manager of Goop Guys, Australia’s leading provider of temporary surface protection coating systems. Listen as Wayne delves into his role at Goop Guys, their business model, their product Goop, and the benefits of owning a Goop Guys franchise. 

Wayne Poole – Franchise Development Manager at Goop Guys

Discussion Points:

  • The beginnings of Goop Guys
    Wayne explains the long relationship he has had with the founders of Goop Guys, and how he became involved in the business
  • What do Goop Guys do?
    Wayne outlines the core services offered by Goop Guys
  • The Goop formula – Top secret
    Wayne explains the extensive process involved in creating “the most peelable product in the world”
  • Why Goop?
    Wayne discusses the origin of the name ‘Goop Guys’
  • A vast array of Goop services
    Wayne outlines the incredible value that the application of Goop products offers to the building industry
  • A Goop for every surface
    With several different formulations, Goop Guys can protect various surfaces in a new home build
  • Alternatives don’t measure up
    Wayne discusses the technological advancements that have put Goop Guys at the forefront of the industry
  • Growing demand
    Wayne explains the correlation between building industry growth and demand for Goop Guys services
  • Opportunity for growth
    The Goop Guys products are constantly being developed to protect more and more surfaces of value
  • The ideal investor
    Knowledge of the building industry is not essential to running a Goop Guys franchise
  • What about the franchisees?
    Wayne offers an insight into the experience of the franchisee in the Goop Guys business
  • Interested in becoming a franchisee?
    Wayne offers advice for anyone interested in becoming an investor with Goop Guys

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About Goop Guys:

Goop Guys was established in 2001 and is Australia’s leading provider of temporary surface protection coating systems.  The quality of their products is unsurpassed and are in high demand in the building and construction industry. To meet the growing demand for Goop products, they are offering Franchise opportunities to Australians who can help them expand further by providing the highest level of service to match a product that is second to none. 

As a Goop Guys franchise owner, you will have the opportunity to learn from the industry leaders and at the same time benefit from their streamlined processes and large customer database. This opportunity is ideal for someone who is looking to start their own lifestyle business or find a business to mould and expand as their own.