Podcast: Ep#250 “MBE is a great opportunity if you are looking to scale your business and be passionate about what you do” (Ft. Charles Batt, MBE Mailboxes Etc. Franchise for Parramatta NSW)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Charles Batt who is the MBE Mailboxes Etc. (MBE) franchisee for Parramatta in NSW, a franchise offering shipping, design and printing services worldwide. Listen as Charles delves into why he chose MBE, his business journey so far, what makes MBE a scalable opportunity and who would make an ideal franchise

Discussion Points:

Charles Batt – MBE Mailboxes Etc. Franchisee in Parramatta NSW
  • An ideal match
    After a redundancy from a corporate career, Charles was pragmatic in seeking a franchisee that matched his skill sets and work/life balance requirements
  • Revenue streams
    Services offered can be adapted for the customer base but are centred around the 3 main revenue streams of virtual mailboxes, shipping, and printing
  • MBE customers
    Charles outlines the Business-to-Business customers that frequent MBE.
  • Business borders
    After an unpredictable 2 years which has seen borders close, Charles explains how the business has responded
  • Bouncing back to full force
    Fortunately, business is coming back very quickly post-pandemic
  • Affordability and value
    With high shipping costs in Australia and varying levels of risk, Charles notes that MBE customers can be guided by advice from franchisees
  • Growing and achieving
    Fifteen years with the business has allowed Charles to reflect on his impressive personal and professional growth
  • Recruit to your weaknesses
    If a franchisee recognises their own weaknesses, they can strategically seek staff to create a well-rounded team
  • Loving work each day
    Charles explains that he loves his work and finds daily motivation to succeed as a result
  • Potential franchisees
    Advice for those thinking about investing with MBE

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About the business

Mail Boxes Etc. or MBE is about Making Business Easier for individuals, businesses and the people you want to connect with. 

Established in 1992, today the network in Australia has 37 centres. Whether owning your own MBE business to serve people and businesses in your local community or seeking to improve the performance of your own business, connecting with MBE is the right place to start to help you or your business be more successful. 

MBE customers optimise time in their personal and business lives by entrusting fulfilment of select routine tasks and processes to their network of retail service centres managed by franchised entrepreneurs. Their business and private customers find convenience and efficiency in their unique combination of business-related products and services – all under one roof, performed by experienced service teams dedicated to reliability, quality and client satisfaction. In short, MBE is people in business doing the business of people who mean business. 

With more than 2800 locations worldwide, their MBE network is one of the world’s largest retail systems of franchised shipping, printing, logistics and postal related business service centres. Currently in over 56 countries, MBE’s retail businesses are independently owned and operated by licensed franchisees of MBE Worldwide, an Italy based company, located in Milan