Podcast: Ep#193 “I’m proud of our franchisees. In 2020 our business is still growing” (Ft. Steve Plarre CEO of Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse franchise)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we welcomed back our returning guest Steve Plarre who is the CEO of the iconic family franchise Ferguson Plarre, an Australian owned and run bakehouse franchise first opened in 1901. Listen, as Steve chats about the current state of 2020 for small business owners and food retailers in Australia, how Ferguson Plarre has been performing throughout both stage 1 and stage 2 lockdowns, how the business has survived harder times again and again and how you can achieve success in 2020 by following the Ferguson Plarre business model and more.

Steve Plarre – CEO of Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse franchises

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Steve’s role at Ferguson Plarre and his family’s long history as the Ferguson Plarre bakehouse family
  • Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse
    What is a Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse?
  • Small business operations in 2020
    How Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses are managing during the pandemic and keeping their doors open
  • Lifetime experience as a franchise
    How 118 years in the business has prepared the franchise for every economic situation from war, depression, the spanish flu and now the coronavirus
  • Keeping the doors open
    How Steve and the head office team are supporting their franchisees amid public health restrictions and stress
  • Carona-oke is now a thing
    What carona-oke is and how Steve is reaching out to the Ferguson Plarre customers with a fun new social media promotion and doing what Ferguson Plarre does best
  • Opening new stores
    How Steve and the head office team are continuing to successfully open new stores in 2020 and launch their new product offerings nationwide
  • Bakers gotta bake
    Who would make an ideal franchisee for Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses
  • Advice for post 2020 business planning
    Steve offers advice for those considering buying a business or starting a new business venture during and post the pandemic and what he believes is the key criteria to consider
  • How to get in touch
    How to enquire about a franchise opportunity near you or to make contact with the head office team

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About The Business

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses has always been and still is a family owned and operated business that first opened its doors back in 1901. They have a long & proud history dating back to the 1800’s, with both Ferguson and Plarre families establishing themselves in Australia almost 120 years ago.

These days, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses are still just as famous for their desserts, birthday, wedding cakes, award-winning meat pies and Tiddly Oggies as they were when they started, and with over 200 years of combined experience, you’d expect nothing less.

If you are interested in enquiring about an opportunity to be your own boss and own a Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse, click here to enquire today!