Podcast: Ep#39 How And When to Franchise your Business in Australia – A CEO Perspective (ft. Robert Graham of CEO Consulting)

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The need to know of franchising. Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Robert Graham, Director of ’CEO Consulting’ experts in franchising, licensing and industry innovations.

With a wealth of industry knowledge, Robert tells us the story of how he started out in the banking industry and his experiences in the specialty and private consulting sector. Robert also provides some fascinating insights on the future of Australian franchise industry, new players in the sector, Australia’s perception around the world and innovative trends effecting franchise brand marketing.

-Robert Graham of CEO Consulting

Discussion Points:

  • Robert’s background and how he became an expert in franchising
  • Robert’s 15 years with the big banks
  • Becoming the head of franchising at ANZ
  • Robert’s part in the lending accreditation scheme
  • Moving from ANZ to Westpac’s head of franchising
  • Leaving the banking industry for specialty & private consulting
  • Working with a myriad of franchises big and small
  • How Robert consolidated his experiences to make the ideal consulting business
  • Robert’s time as a Franchisor and  CEO of Ram’s Home Loans
  • Robert’s  view on the Australian franchise sector
  • How the service sector has changed and the demand for Franchises
  • Franchising,  an excellent way to bring awareness to a brand
  • The boom and constant change in the food and beverage sector
  • Total food and beverage coverage from Healthy alternative trends to desert trends
  • New technologies, software and platforms leading to innovation of marketing, sales and branding
  • New and innovative franchises business concepts on the horizon
  • Pricing your business right, how much to charge, how much to pay & what to ask for?
  • Robert’s perception of franchising as a distribution method
  • Why Franchising is such a great endeavour over other business opportunities
  • The difference between international franchising and Australian franchising?
  • What is unique about the Australian franchise sector?
  • What are you really selling with franchising?
  • What kind of business could make it as a franchise?
  • Don’t skimp on the money with branding, marketing and advertising
  • Common mistakes with exiting a franchise and selling  business
  • What you should be looking for in a business buyer and investor
  • When is a good time to buy and sell?
  • Who are the small business owners from overseas?
  • Forecast the market, never buy when you don’t research 5 years ahead
  • The healthier your assets look the better your chances of buying and selling a business
  • How to make the most of a franchise business
  • What to look out for when thinking about investing in a franchise
  • How to tell a good investor from a bad one
  • What you need to know about franchising
  • How to get in touch with Robert

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CEO Consulting specialises in franchising and licensing and we provide the full range of commercial, legal and marketing services needed to develop and launch your brand as a franchise or license business. We also provide ongoing advisory and support services to clients to make sure your growth plans are on track and you are operating a profitable and compliant business.

CEO Consulting is led by Robert Graham, one of Australia’s leading franchising & licensing experts.