Podcast: Ep#93 How a love of Brazil, food and Jiu Jitsu lead to a successful franchise business adventure (ft. Scott Dempster founder and MD of Delicia Acai + Protein Bar)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Scott Dempster, founder and owner of the Delicia Acai and Protein Bar franchise, originally from South Australia.Scott describes his journey from the corporate world to now successful franchise entrepreneur, the authenticity of Delicia and it’s origins, a love of Brazil and jiu Jitsu, the market response to the franchise, the national expansion of his tribe and more. Discover what type of franchisee suits the model best and how you can own a franchise in your dream location with Delicia.

Scott Dempster- Founder, owner and MD of Delicia Acai and Protein Bar franchises

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Scott’s professional background and how the idea of Delicia formed
  • Delicia Acai + Protein Bar
    The concept as it was and its inception
  • A love of Brazil
    The passion for the food, culture and jiu jitsu
  • Living the lifestyle
    Being a Jiu jitsu instructor, a black belt and training under a legendary master
  • A franchise with authenticity
    Bringing the cultural experience to Australia and staying true to it’s origins
  • How to make a franchise from scratch
    How Scott moved from conception to inception of the business.
  • Reasons for choosing a franchise
    How to identify if franchising is right for you
  • Forget the Bucket list
    Scott’s advice about living life now and not waiting till retirement
  • The tribe
    Scott’s existing franchisees and their achievements to date
  • Food sensitivities and the ease of a chop and change menu.
    How Scott approached the menu and accomodating everyone within reason
  • The everybody’s different philosophy
    How to adjust your business to cater to customers individual needs and behaviours and how to adjust the business model to suit all potential franchisees.
  • Better for the Earth
    How Scott has designed the business to be waste conservative and designing the menu selections to ease fresh stock delivery and inventory
  • Think smart live smart
    How to make the most of being a franchisee and how to get the most out of it
  • To multi store franchise or not?
    Scott’s advice to anyone considering owning multiple stores and possibly operating interstate
  • The no subcontracting promise
    Scott’s promise of working store owners and exclusion of subcontracting of his franchises.
  • The Delicia image and the inviting service
    What Scott expects of each of his franchisees and promise to each customer in each of his franchises
  • The choose your own location approach to territories
    Scott describes his free approach to choosing your own locations and how.
  • Individuality, freedom and personal development
    Scott’s off hand approach to mentoring his franchisees and the managerial promise he makes to each of his franchisees
  • “I’ll fight for you”
    Scotts protective nature to his franchisees and students on the mat and in business.
  • The tribe that fights together works together
    Friendship and fights within the business and the harmony within the tribe off the mat. The reality of Jiu Jitsu and work the next day.
  • About a franchise
    How to enquire about a franchise and how to contact Scott

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About Delicia Acai + Protein Bar

At Delicia we specialise in Brazilian style acai, espresso, protein snacks and raw treats. We emphasis our attention on ‘healthism’ and care in our product to produce for our customers.

Once you taste our shakes, gluten free protein bars and yogurts you will understand that Delicia cafes takes pride in providing delicious and memorable alternatives to healthy eating and make healthy living a treat. We are not interested in being a bland franchise cafe, we want to recruit café owners who share our passion in our product and also want to grow a business.

As fitness and general health education peak, demand for healthy alternatives are skyrocketing and Delicia Acai & Protein Bar are providing paleo style healthy living alternatives for those seeking choose healthy and nutritious alternatives to alternative style beverages and invigorating snacking.

Become a hunter gatherer with us and join our tribe. Click here to enquire now