Podcast: Ep#64 – Brian Brown Founder and CEO of Gutter Knight – Growing a Franchise, Brand and Business Model

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Brian Brown, Founder and CEO Of Gutter Knight, the leading gutter guard installation franchise rapidly expanding across Australia. Brian shares with us his inspiring journey from street kid to entrepreneur and from business owner to business coach. He also talks about the inspiration and method behind the creation and growth of Gutter Knight, the strengths and unique characteristics of the business model and why the Gutter Knight franchise can be a lucrative opportunity for the right person

Brian Brown- Founder and CEO of Gutter Knight

Discussion Points

  • Background
    A rough start in life and getting stuck into business early
  • Made for business
    Succeeding in business after business and discovering a talent for small business
  • The founding idea
    How a conversation lead to the makings of Gutter Knight
  • The attraction of the business
    How Brian defines the business and it’s potential
  • Keeping it simple stupid
    Providing clarity, direction and structure for franchise owners
  • Less is more
    Brian’s plan to acquire quality franchisees over quantity
  • More than making money
    The personality fit of the franchise and profits for all Gutter Knights
  • Working outdoors or indoors
    What franchisees describe as the best feature of the business
  • A business model built for franchisee success
    A structured system and business model that motivated franchisees can benefit from
  • Brian’s growth plan’s for Gutterknight
    Franchise recruitment plans
  • Getting in touch
    How to get in touch with Brian and enquire about a franchise possibility near you

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About Gutter Knight

Looking for a very simple business that earns exceptional income that can be run under management or done by yourself – supply and installing gutter guard?  Gutterknight is an Australian owned and run business based in Brisbane with owner operators around Australia who provide high quality, value for money gutter protection available for residential through to commercial applications. All products are Australian made / product of Australia and pass through many strict Quality Control processes to ensure the highest quality material available. From start to finish you can expect first class service. The actual business owner will personally meet you onsite, on time, and will listen to what you require. They will answer any questions that you may have about the process and will suggest some options and ideas to assist you in making your decision for your individual circumstances. You can be assured you will be offered ‘real personalised advice’ that is right for you.. Unlike other companies, Gutter Knight not only guarantees its product but also importantly our workmanship. We will clean up the site so well that the only way you will know we have been there is from your leaf free gutters and added value to your home.