Podcast: Ep#187 “When you take on a business partner like Concept Eight, you are not alone” (ft. Grant Lee, CEO at the Concept Eight Group)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Grant Lee, who is the CEO at the Concept Eight Group. Concept Eight manages distinguished brands; Wokinabox, Noodle Box, Pattysmiths Burgers, Supreme Leader and Double Dragon Dumplings. Listen as Grant delves into his background in the sector, the different and new brands under the Concept Eight Group, where the sector is heading, the expansion of the business and what the Concept Eight Group has to offer a franchisee.

Discussion Points:

Grant Lee – CEO at the Concept Eight Group
  • Background
    Grant discusses his background, current role and how he came to be the CEO at the Concept Eight Group
  • The business
    Grant explains the business model, the industry, Concept Eight and what the brand represents
  • The brands
    Grant lists the different brands under the Concept Eight Group and how each of the brands appeals to the Australian customer
  • Vision for the company
    What Grant is shaping the business towards as the business grows and what he is focusing on at present
  • The expansion plan
    How and where the business is expanding across Australia and the key milestones and challenges he has faced along the way
  • Home delivery
    How home delivery symbiotic services like Uber have lead to the Concept Eight Group staying ahead in the current economic climate and where the majority of orders are coming from
  • The journey to be the best
    Grant talks about his journey so far with the Concept Eight Group and how he has developed the business into what it is today
  • New brands
    Grant talks about the new brands in the works at Concept Eight and his plans to add a new franchise to the mix based on new healthy trends
  • The support
    Grant describes how the Concept Eight Group supports each of its many franchisees from every day running of the business to the more technical and logistic side of the business
  • Trending in 2021
    Where the Concept Eight Group will be in 2021 during Australia’s economic recovery and what trends Grant is seeing in the near future to look forward to
  • A piece of advice 
    Grant offers some advice on becoming a franchisee under the Concept Eight Group, the QSR sector as it is and what to expect when owning a food franchise in Australia

Useful Links:

Company profile / Linkedin Profile

About the business:

Concept Eight is the multi-brand franchisor behind successful QSR brands Noodle Box, Wokinabox and Pattysmiths Burgers. Established in 1996, the franchise group has grown to over 110 stores employing over 800 staff nationally.

Concept Eight manages distinguished brands that all bring their unique flavour to Australia including; Wokinabox, Noodle Box and Pattysmiths Burgers. Concept Eight can also offer duel concept franchises through our additional virtual brands ‘Supreme Leader Korean Chicken’ and ‘Double Dragon Dumplings’.

Concept Eight prides itself on providing franchise support services across eight specialist areas including:

  • Operations
  • Sales and marketing
  • Training
  • Restaurant design and construction
  • Finance
  • Supply chain
  • Network development

Owning a Concept Eight franchise allows you to own a nationally growing brand that has a dedicated team to help you succeed, no matter what brand you choose to partner with.