Podcast: Ep#241 An Elite Franchise Opportunity To Beat (Ft. Howard Kodra Franchise Manager for Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning).

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Howard Kodra who is the Franchise Manager for Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning operating across Australia. Listen as Howard chats about his professional background, what Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning offers, the business growth strategy and how you can contact the Elite team

Discussion Points:

Howard Kodra – Franchise Manager of Elite Carpet & Dry Cleaning
  • A scientific background
    With a marine biology background and a passion for environmental change, Howard found his way to the Franchise Manager role at Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Providing an alternative
    Howard explains the reaction of customers when the business came to Australia in the 1970s
  • A supportive franchise model that works
    Elite operates under a personalised, collaborative, and supportive franchise model
  • The Franchise Manager role
    Howard outlines his priorities as the Franchise Manager, and gives an insight into the approach he takes with potential franchisees
  • Professional growth and achievements
    Howard outlines recent developments within the business related to in-house marketing
  • Elite systems and equipment
    The technology used by Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning has many positives for the business owner, the customer, and the environment
  • A hands-on recruitment process
    Howard discusses his method and involvement with new franchisees
  • Looking after tomorrow today
    Howard outlines the long-term aspirations he has for the business
  • Goals for expansion
    Howard elaborates on his vision for the growth of the franchise network right across Australia, and mentions some established franchise opportunities
  • Responding to the pandemic
    Being in the business of cleaning and sanitising, the recent Public Health Orders saw an overall increase in demand for Elite’s services
  • Franchisee and staff safety
    Howard explains how franchisees have been supported in protecting themselves and the community from COVID-19
  • A family franchise
    With long-term employees and franchisees, Howard attributes the close-knit culture of the business to its success
  • Streamlined operations
    With new technology investments, each franchisee is supported in their day-to-day business
  • The ideal franchisee
    Howard outlines the qualities an Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchisee should display
  • Green motivation
    Howard emphasises the environmental values that underpin the business
  • Advice for potential franchisees
    Howard offers actionable advice that potential investors can do today

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About Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning:

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning has been cleaning carpets for over 35 years which is why they are proud to say: With Pride – Australia Wide. They started in Brisbane in 1984 and have grown over the years to cover all of the Australian states as well as the ACT. This growth has not come by accident, Elite has always focussed on delivering great value to customers plus fantastic customer service. The old saying of “Look after your customer and they will reward you” is certainly true at Elite, they have customers that have used them for over 30 years. 

The First Company to use Carpet Dry Cleaning! 

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning was one of the first carpet cleaning companies in Australia to use carpet dry cleaning instead of the more traditional carpet steam cleaning. They found that carpet dry cleaning is a better solution for carpet maintenance based on their practical experience and the fantastic feedback they received from their customers. Elite clean and protect more than just carpets. They have expanded their services to include upholstery curtains and vertical drapes, car interiors, mattresses, rugs and mats cleaning too.