Podcast: Ep#194 “The support provided by Ready Fence to grow my franchise has been fantastic” (Ft. Jason Jones, Franchisee of Ready Fence in Brisbane & The Sunshine Coast)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Jason Jones, who is the franchisee of Ready Fence in Brisbane and The Sunshine Coast, a specialty provider of ready made fences in Australia. Listen as Jason delves into his working background, describes his role and his working lifestyle as a franchisee, the demand and diverse applications of fencing for hire and offers advice on becoming a franchisee with Ready Fence

Discussion Points:

Jason Jones and wife Shannon, franchisee partners of Ready Fence Brisbane & The Sunshine Coast
  • Background
    Jason discusses his professional background, his current role and how he came to be a franchisee with Ready Fence
  • The sector as it is
    Jason chats about the demand and application of Ready-made fences in Australia
  • What is Ready Fence?
    Jason explains in detail what Ready Fence is and what the franchise involves
  • Why we will always need Fences!
    Jason explains why business ventures like Ready Fence are working well despite economic downturns and more
  • Achievements so far
    Hear what Jason describes as the challenges and milestones of his Ready Fence business in the current climate so far and how he and his wife Shannon have carefully managed every barrier along the way
  • Support of a great brand
    How Ready Fence supports its franchisees around the clock and provides training to prepare them for success in business
  • The best thing about the Ready Fence offering
    Jason details what he thinks is best about operating in the fencing sector and why he will continue with Ready Fence indefinitely
  • A piece of advice 
    Jason offers sound advice on becoming a franchisee and what to consider before jumping the fence into small business ventures

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About the Business:

In successful operation since January 1997, Ready Fence is an Australian owned temporary fence hire and sale business which services the construction industry and the special events sector, such as major sporting and concert venues. 

Ready Fence believes that sustainable competitive advantage comes from the ability of the business to more appropriately satisfy the demands of clients and potential clients with personalised service.

In 2018 the company shifted its focus to elevating Ready Fence to become a national brand. The group plans to continue to strengthen and expand its position throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

With broad range of high quality temporary fencing solutions Ready Fence products and services include a proven business format together with operational systems and procedures. This structure has been developed and the company’s continually improving track record of success now provides an excellent basis for further growth.