Podcast: Ep#169 “It’s never too late to change career paths” (ft. Lucie Taylor, Regional Director for YB12 in Perth)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Lucie Taylor, Regional Director at YB12 in Perth. Lucie discusses her unique story of how she first got started with YB12, what about the program that makes it stand out to the rest, what support and training that YB12 provides to their new trainers and how making a career change to personal development changed her entire life.

Discussion Points:

Lucie Taylor, Regional Director at YB12 in Perth
  • Background
    Lucie discusses her unique background and how a turn of events propelled her life to where she is today
  • The program
    Lucie brings up her favorite parts of the YB12 program and how it changed her life
  • Her clients
    She discusses how many of her clients have had similar experiences to her and why it is important to add a personal touch to the development process
  • Training and support
    What training and support a new trainer can expect to receive from YB12
  • A growing industry
    The importance of development within individuals and businesses
  • Her future plans
    Lucie discusses where she envisions herself in a couple of years and how YB12 is helping her reach them
  • Loving the job
    What Lucie loves about her role and how it’s shaped her new life
  • A piece of advice 
    Lucie offers some piece of advice on how to take the leap with YB12

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YB12 is a full-service training company, offering consultancy opportunities for aspiring and experienced public speakers, coaches, and business advisors. From one-on-one training to comprehensive business advisory services, YB12 is all about helping clients have the best year of their lives. 

YB12’s history is long and successful, with 25-years of experience with more than 200,000 people having already attended workshops, introductory seminars or one-on-one training sessions.