Podcast: Ep#170 “Franchising itself doesn’t work. You need to work the system” (ft. Tal Avni & Boaz Keeda from ACE Coffee)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Tal Avni & Boaz Keeda, Director and Founder at ACE Coffee, managing the two brands Fibonacci Coffee and Lava Coffee. They discuss how they first got into the business together, how they came to acquire Lava Coffee as another business opportunity, the feeling of working together as a family across the organisation and what a potential franchisee OR independent cafe owners can expect from joining the network.

Discussion Points:

Boaz Keeda & Tal Avni from ACE & Fibonacci Coffee.
  • Background
    Tal and Boaz discuss how they met and got into business together
  • Their story
    How it started from small coffee carts to the innovative brand it is today
  • The merge with Lava Coffee
    They discuss how they’ve differentiated the brand from Fibonacci, focusing on smaller kiosks rather than larger cafes
  • Like a family
    Everybody in the business is very hands on, helping each other out and learning from each other
  • Their lessons learned
    How they have learned from their lessons running a business together and how it has shaped their business today
  • Their mission
    Their daily mission to help people realise their potential by taking care of the people who come onboard
  • Loving the job
    What Tal and Boaz loves about their roles and their daily tasks
  • The importance of a smile
    Tal discusses how important it is to treat your customers right and put in the effort the make the experience feel extraordinary
  • Training and support
    What is provided to a new franchisee and what qualities they are looking for in an applicant

Useful Links:

Website / Company profile / Enquire with Fibonacci Coffee / Enquire with Lava Coffee

Committed to helping you successfully buy, run and maximise the profits of your cafe, ACE (Australian Coffee Entrepreneurs) was founded in order to change the coffee industry and create successful cafe owners from all walks of life.

ACE does so by providing a proven ready-to-go system including products, help with financial accessibility, ongoing operational support and a highly effective marketing program. Guided by experts with more than 50 years of combined experience in the coffee and service industry ACE support 5 retail brands and over 20 cafes across Australia.

ACE’s success is a direct reflection of their dedication to providing the highest quality products and services. ACE continually strives to satisfy our customers’ wants and needs by providing a streamlined purchasing system, competitive trading agreements with key industry suppliers and more. Thereby ensuring the ongoing success of each member and the group as a whole.