Podcast: Ep#42 From White Collar Employee to Franchising with James’ Home Services (ft. Theo Myriskos Melbourne’s North)

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Dreaming of running your own business? In this episode of Eden Exchanges we spoke to Theo Myriskos who is a Franchisee for James Home Services home and office cleaning in Melbourne’s North. Theo delved into his white collar beginnings and his background in a family business. Theo also details his decision to bite the bullet to achieve his dream of being his own boss and to be financially independent.

Theo Myriskos- James Home Services interior homer and commercial franchisee- South Morang

Discussion Points

  • Theo’s background
    Wanting to leave his white collar career after deciding he’d had enough.
    Feeling tired of making other people wealthy through his efforts.
  • First Steps: trial and error
  • Feeling tired of making other people wealthy through his efforts.Going to work for a family members business. Ultimatum of working for himself or working for another.
  • Biting the bullet
    Deciding to go with a James’ Home Services franchise and going all in or not at all.
  • Alex’s perspective:.
    The partners perspective of the decision to become a franchisee
  • James’ Home Service Support and training
    James’ ongoing support and training, James’ never goes away
  • New owner: Mike Dowling
    Mike Dowling taking over and making James’ a success.
  • Tips for a franchisee:
    Things franchisees should keep in mind when starting out in the business and what not to do in franchising.
  • Rewards in franchising:
    Being his own boss, being in control, flexibility in working hours, work life balance, seeing the financial benefits of working for himself. Home renovations and overdue holidays.
  • Theo’s Typical Day:
    Planning a week ahead, setting limits each day, scheduling 3-4 clients a day.
  • The customer experience:
    Customer loyalty from day one, how to behave in a clients home, how best to create repeat customer service, selling your services.
  • Franchisors: A balanced approach
    Franchisors giving excellent training and staying with you throughout. The balance of standing back and providing training and feedback.
  • Your not just a number:
    James’ Home Services not treating you like a number and making the effort to get to know you and your approach to business. Treating their franchisees as individuals.
  • New Goals:
    Plans to be more commercial and expanding his services and offerings.
  • Before and now: Happy Chappy
    How Theo’s life has changed from his white collar days to being a franchisee
  • The Cleaning industry future:
    Where Theo thinks the industry is heading in his territory and nationally.
  • The luxury question
    Is cleaning services still a luxury or a necessary addition to modern life.
  • Getting in Contact
    How to get in touch with James’ Home Services, having a chat with a franchisee on the street or giving James’ a call.
  • The reality of franchising
    Its’ not just the title and territory ownership its working to build a client list and getting out there to make yourself successful.

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