Podcast: Ep#164 “You can chase the dollar but if the passion is not there, then the dollar won’t come. YB12 is a business of passion” (Ft. Samantha D’Angelo Regional Director at YB12 QLD).

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Samantha D’Angelo who is a Regional Director at YB12, a training and consulting enterprise for corporate and small businesses operators. Listen as Samantha delves into her HR career previously, the reasons behind joining the team, what YB12 has to offer both client and trainer and who would suit a YB12 business.

Discussion Points:

Samantha D’Angelo – Regional Director at YB12 QLD
  • Background
    Samantha delves into her professional background in HR and her role in YB12
  • The move to YB12
    The decision to become a member of the YB12 team and work as a trainer
  • The unique characteristics
    Samantha describes the difference working in a role about people and their work life to being a force for good in the industry
  • The passion is key
    How Samantha defines the core of YB12 and how passion is the key to succeeding as a business owner
  • The different types of trainers
    Samantha identifies the different types of trainer roles within YB12 and how to identify which role is right for you
  • Experience vs passion
    Samantha describes the types of people who become a YB12 trainer in her experience and whether background and experiences are a factor in their success
  • The YB12 guide book and raw talent
    How straight forward the YB12 package is to understand, the easy language and how the program works with your natural talents
  • Loving the job
    What Samantha loves about her role and what makes her get out of bed in the morning to train small and large scale businesses
  • A piece of advice 
    Samantha offers a little pearl of wisdom for anyone thinking about becoming a business trainer as a freelancer or as a member of the YB12 team

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About YB12

YB12 is a full-service training company, offering consultancy opportunities for aspiring and experienced public speakers, coaches, and business advisors. From one-on-one training to comprehensive business advisory services, YB12 is all about helping clients have the best year of their lives. 

YB12’s history is long and successful, with 25-years of experience with more than 200,000 people having already attended workshops, introductory seminars or one-on-one training sessions.