Podcast: Ep#220 A Proven Business Opportunity That Offers Stability, Fun And A Good Pinot (Ft. Tina Hansen, Director of Paint Pinot Franchises)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Tina Hansen, Director of Paint Pinot, a unique arts and craft event business opportunity. Listen as Tina chats about how the business came about, how Paint Pinot offers a guarantee of discovery and fun, the proven business model that moves from strength to strength and how you can become a franchisee. Listen on to discover more.

Tina Hansen – Director of Paint Pinot franchises

Discussion Points:

  • Tina’s background
    Tina details her background in creative pursuits from fashion and jewellery to education and fine arts
  • The beginnings of Paint Pinot
    Encouraged by her son who attended a similar event in Canada, Paint Pinot began in 2016 as a mobile business offering paint nights at Tina’s local café
  • Paint Pinot’s standout features
    Being an artist herself, Tina provides professional-quality paint and enough time for attendees to complete their impressive artworks
  • Paint Pinot in the marketplace
    Tina explains the setup of each venue as a place where guests can relax in comfortable surroundings while enjoying the food, drink, and creative outlet offered
  • The impact of the pandemic
    After a short closure due to Canberra’s initial lockdown, Paint Pinot has recovered and grown
  • Moving forward in the industry
    Having started her business in the nascent stages of the industry, Tina is confident that the paint and sip sector will expand and grow with increased consumer demand
  • Proud moments
    Tina explains her personal growth as a business owner in learning to trust her professional artist employees
  • Franchisee support
    Franchisees are supported by the many clear processes already put into place
  • From employee to franchisee
    Tina is delighted to describe an enthusiastic employee who loves the business to the point where she is in the process of becoming a franchisee herself
  • Franchisee requirements
    Franchisee owners can be artists, service professionals, chefs, or just good business owners. Tina values an eager attitude over any specific skill as franchisees can employ others to work during events
  • “Give it a go!”
    Tina emphasizes that the Paint Pinot model is profitable due to the presence of three income streams and the expansive support system

Useful Links:

Website / Business Profile / Facebook Instagram

About Paint Pinot:

Paint Pinot’s evolution 
It’s funny how life works.
One minute you’re juggling exhibiting art and casual teaching and can’t seem to make ends meet. Next, you’re travelling around NSW running small paint and sip events in Canberra and regional NSW, at a variety of venues. 

That’s precisely what happened to Tina Hansen. 
She found herself in exactly the right place, at the right time to take advantage of a golden opportunity matched with her skill set. 
It was an opportunity brought to Tina’s attention by her son, Christopher, who lives in Calgary in Canada. Christopher attended a paint and sip event. He had an incredible time and raved about it to his artistic mum back in Australia. 

Here was the light bulb moment! There was almost nothing like it in Australia. 
It was a largely untapped market. Tina knew it was a chance that she couldn’t afford to miss. She thought that maybe she could make a living doing what she loved. And the best part was, she could bring happiness and a love of art to so many people. People who had a misguided belief that they weren’t artistic, that they weren’t creative and that there was a wrong and a right way to make art. 

Tina has always believed, “There’s a painting in every person.” And she wanted to prove it. 

The Paint Pinot concept was born.

Paint Pinot puts down roots
After two years of travelling NSW, Tina, believed that there was a better way and together with her partner George, realised her dream of finding a studio in Braddon to run all her sessions from. That venue is now a fully functional Art Café, a one-stop-shop for art, entertainment, delicious food, and drinks. 

Paint Pinot grows
Today Paint Pinot is running in multiple locations, to bring joy and colour into the lives of as many people as possible. Each venue is staffed by highly capable and friendly personnel who are creative, fun, and excellent at teaching people to paint and drawing out their artistic abilities.