Podcast:Ep#40 Work Life Balancing with a Franchise (Ft. Haydn Miller of James’ Home Services in Sunny Gold Coast North)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Hayden Miller from James’ Home Services in Gold Coast North. Haydn delved into his jet setting past working around the world, his experience in sales, and his return to Australia to run a successful Real Estate business in Queensland.

Haydn describes how a chat with a franchisor led to him owning a James Home Services franchise and how this led to a new level of work/life balance and opportunity. Listen out for tips on how to make your franchise a success and how to get in touch to enquire.

Haydn Miller- Regional Master Franchisee for James’ Home Services- Gold coast North

Discussion points

  • Haydn’s background and working overseas
  • Haydn’s experiences in sales and marketing
  • How Haydn fell into the real estate industry
  • His successful Real Estate Business in Qld
  • 5 years on the Sunshine Coast in different franchise industries
  • The epiphany to work for himself and be his own boss
  • Haydn’s dissatisfaction with making somebody else get wealthy
  • Starting his own Real Estate business on The Sunshine Coast in property management
  • A well known business in property management and sales
  • Opportunity to make a change and  needing to spend more time at home
  • Travelling around Australia to catch up with family
  • Looking for 6 months for work life balance
  • A lot of boxes that needed ticking
  • A quick chat with John Brownsdon from James’ Home Services and the deal for Gold Coast North
  • Achieving the dream, finally ticking all the boxes.
  • From working at a business with 20-25 people, to working alone with a community, business partnership with others.
  • Had everything he was looking for
  • Helping other to start run and grow their business
  • Haydn’s best advice in Franchising
  • How to get in touch with Haydn
  • How to enquire about a Franchise

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