Podcast: Ep#162 “Our customer service is exceptional, our franchisees are always going above and beyond for their customers” (Ft. Natasha Morgan, Founder of the My Home Watch Franchise)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Natasha Morgan who is the Founder of My Home Watch, Australia’s leading property & pet care service. Listen as Natasha delves into her professional background, the inspiration that lead to My Home Watch and the future development and expansion of the My Home Watch business model.

Discussion Points:

Natasha Morgan – Founder of My Home Watch
  • Professional background
    Natasha highlights her professional background and how she came to be apart of the franchise
  • Inspiration and opportunity
    Natasha takes us through her journey of discovering the opportunity and making it a reality
  • What is My Home Watch?
    Natasha describes the fundamental service of My Home Watch and it’s reach and application
  • Moving beyond Neighbourhood Watch
    How My Home Watch has brought the idea of security, pet care and vacation house watching to the 21st century
  • Expansions of service and more
    Natasha explores possible future additions to the My Home Watch service package and her plans to expand internationally
  • How does the franchise model work
    Natasha clarifies how a franchise operated from customer interaction, services and more
  • Who could be a franchisee?
    What the fundamental characteristics are of a franchisee and who Natasha is looking out for to join the team
  • Trends and observations
    What trends Natasha has seen in the industry and why the demand for service franchises like My Home Watch are only increasing exponentially
  • A simple piece of advice
    Natasha offers advice for anyone considering becoming a franchisee and the process to become a franchisee

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About the business:

My Home Watch is one of Australia’s fastest-growing, award-winning franchises. They will help you every step of the way and reward you with repeat business, happy customers and an exciting place to work every day.

My Home Watch provides home checks, property services, in-home pet visits, boat watch services, mail collection, indoor and outdoor garden watering, commercial watering, grocery services, key hold services, Lawns and gardeners, cleaners, pool maintenance, Open House Day Service, Open House Ready Service, Moving / End of Lease Service & Inspections, Property Checks, Rental Opens and other household services.

As a Franchise Partner, you will be supported by a dedicated team of professionals. Our systems and processes will help support you to achieve your business goals.