Podcast: Ep#114 “I didn’t wan’t to kill people with deep fried unhealthy food. I wanted to help people make good choices so Delicia was the cafe for me” (ft. Daniel Gregorace Franchisee for Delicia Acai and Protein Bar Gawler)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Daniel Gregorace, Franchisee owner of the Delicia Acai and Protein Bar Gawler franchise in South Australia. Daniel clues us in on all the excitement of the grand opening of his new Delicia franchise, the ease of being in business with his brother and his drive to find a thriving cafe business  with a social conscience and healthy menu.

Daniel Gregorace and cousin- Franchisee for Delicia Acai and Protein Bar Gawler SA

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Daniel’s professional background
  • My work bro is my bro
    Daniel’s decision buy find a cafe business and go into partnership with his brother
  • Not killing people
    Daniel’s social conscience and trying to avoid buying a deep fried takeaway food franchise
  • Delicia Acai + Protein Bar
    The beauty of a Delicia business and the bigger picture
  • Meeting Scott Dempster the Delicia Founder
    Daniel deciding to enquire and meeting Scott to talk about the business and its vision.
  • Grand Opening Gawler HOT HOT HOT
    Opening his Delicia Franchise for the first time in the middle of the South Australian high 40 degree heat wave and thriving.
  • Summer Delicia loving
    Loving the first 4 weeks of his franchise opening. Thriving on the demand as customers go the distance
  • To multi store franchise or not?
    Daniel talks about his thoughts about opening another franchise. Maybe one for each brother
  • The ease of the menu
    The great feedback about the menu and requests to experiment with new bowl ideas.
  • The Gawler Bowl
    Delicia Gawler’s signature bowl
  • About a franchise
    How to enquire about a franchise and some great advice

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About Delicia Acai + Protein Bar

At Delicia we specialise in Brazilian style acai, espresso, protein snacks and raw treats. We emphasis our attention on ‘healthism’ and care in our product to produce for our customers.

Once you taste our shakes, gluten free protein bars and yogurts you will understand that Delicia cafes takes pride in providing delicious and memorable alternatives to healthy eating and make healthy living a treat. We are not interested in being a bland franchise cafe, we want to recruit café owners who share our passion in our product and also want to grow a business.

As fitness and general health education peak, demand for healthy alternatives are skyrocketing and Delicia Acai & Protein Bar are providing paleo style healthy living alternatives for those seeking choose healthy and nutritious alternatives to alternative style beverages and invigorating snacking.

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