Podcast: Ep#139 “Total Tools is an ideal commercial tenant for a landlord” (ft Ryan Arrowsmith Associate Director at CBRE for TAS and VIC Large Scale Retailing)

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As a part of our Total Tools business series on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Ryan Arrowsmith who is the Associate Director at CBRE for Victoria and Tasmania Large Scale Retailing. Listen as Ryan explores his background in leasing and commercial real estate, tips and tricks for picking the right locations, the requirements for finding store locations for Total Tools and Ryan’s experience sourcing store locations for Total Tools new franchisees as well as his experience negotiating on behalf of landlords. Listen on to discover more.

Discussion Points:

Ryan Arrowsmith- Associate Director at CBRE for Victoria and Tasmania Large Scale retailing
  • Background
    Ryans professional background and relationship with the Total Tools franchise
  • Working with Total Tools
    How Ryan helps acquire new store premises in Tasmania and Victoria
  • Leasing and commercial real estate
    Ryan describes the fundamental process of profiling a site location, negotiations to lease and the process of renovation and installation according to the lease
  • Working with a national franchise
    His perspective of working with a national leading franchise like Total Tools franchises
  • The biggest challenges
    What Ryan identifies as the challenges of finding the right spot for a Total Tools store, meeting the basic requirements and working with the landlords to get the store ready for opening
  • The uniqueness of Total Tools
    What Ryan thinks is Total Tool’s best selling point as a franchise for landlords and why a landlord should seek out Total Tools as tenants
  • The nitty gritty side of leasing
    How not every available site is primed and ready for leasing. What it takes to acquire a store site and the logistics of location
  • Does size and shape matter?
    Ryan describes why sticking to your branding and outlet guidelines for each store site is important and where compromise for location and property aspect ratio requirements need to give a little
  • Motivation and dedication to the business
    What motivates Ryan to get up in the morning and work alongside the Total Tools team
  • Being proud of your work
    What Ryan is most proud of as the go to leasing manager for Total Tools and what he has achieved so far
  • Key trends and insights
    Tends and insights Ryan is seeing in store leasing and opportunities across Victoria and Tasmania and where he thinks the industry is heading in the future
  • Advice from a leasing expert
    Ryan offers his best piece of advice on becoming a franchisee with Total Tools when it comes to store location, negotiations and leasing.
  • How to get in touch
    How to enquire about a franchise opportunity near you or to make contact with the head office team

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About Total Tools Franchising

Total Tools is looking for franchisees that share the vision and wish to be a part of the success of a growing Australian company. Backed by the unrivalled retailing standards in the tool industry and experienced staff offering professional advice and service, Total Tools has firmly established itself as the market leader in professional tool retailing, servicing the daily needs of Australia’s tradesman who use their tools for living.

There are currently over 70 stores forming the Total Tools group with representation in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland, with more stores being planned nationally.

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