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According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, on average, Australia has around 200,000 burglaries every year and according to the Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria, approximately 50,000 homes were broken into/burgled in the last 24 months with thefts at around 172,000 over the same period.

With new technological advances and new, increasingly clever ways of deciphering your movements, crime around the world has become more tech savvy, and devious. Criminals can on occasion slip away into anonymity. Time old measures like guard dogs and neighbourhood watches were once enough to keep a neighbourhood safe. However, the most automated behaviour can now give thieves and would be criminals the insight they need to successfully make away with your most prized possessions.


Every Australian is different and every household & commercial or corporate property has different needs for security.

Many Australians are simply unaware that simple gestures like leaving for work like clockwork and buying a coffee at the same time every day can easily notify your would-be thieves of their window of opportunity and their viable get away route. Because of this, professionals in the security industry are now worth their weight in gold.

Every Australian is different. Every household, commercial or corporate property has different needs for security. Not many Australians are aware that certain security systems are admissible in state court. Some devices on the market are inferior simply because they are not connected to a call centre for immediate response, or lack encryption technology to protect the data which are now necessary according to the laws of evidence in Australia.

As a result, a growing market has emerged  being serviced by trained security professionals, entrepreneurs and franchise brands that understand security systems and their application. According to Daniel Mifsud, a franchise manager at Jim’s Security, which has been rapidly expanding across Australia,  “Consistency is a key to ensure technology and systems installed meet the requirements of all applicable standard. Products must be installed in the manner the manufacturer.”  Apart from this, they need to be provided at a price that the average Australian can afford. According to Daniel, “Jim’s Security Franchisees are provided with state of the art systems in the security industry and because of the buying power of the group, we can provide an offering at an affordable price for both residential & commercial customers.”

Why have a Security System in Australia?

Australians who live in low crime areas with low burglary rates often come to the conclusion that they don’t need a security system in place. However, many are unaware that having a security system in place often result in large discounts from your insurance providers, despite the low crime rate and property values in the area. It is also important to remember that the best security systems out there are simply the ones that help the police to do their job, and catch the would be criminal before any harm or damage is done. When you think about it, your local police officers might find it hard to decipher your aged neighbour or your guard dog…

The police are most effective in their duties when security systems offer 3 vital things.

  • 24/7 Encrypted video CCTV surveillance covering inside and out.
  • 24/7 call support & response services
  • Motion sensor lights covering all entries and exits to the property.


Why Jim’s Security?

Security CCTV is not just for crime prevention. According to Daniel Mifsud,  “Jim’s Security systems are also adaptable for workplace safety and for safety around pools, especially with small children. We  also provide personal & medical alarm and security systems for the dependant Australian and for the elderly Australian wishing to hold on to their independence. Because the of the stringent policing and licensing requirements in these industries, typically, new franchisees joining are coming within the industry.” All Jim’s Security Franchisees are members of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL). 

Jim’s Security Franchisees are licensed security providers who operate according to the relevant legislation of the state in which they operate

According to Paul Godden, who heads up new franchisee recruitment at Jim’s Security, “For those considering taking the plunge and being their own boss, it’s not often that you can find a business venture that allows you to be the good samaritan, help those in need and work with the latest security technology on the market. Whether you are re-branding as Jim’s Security to gain an edge over the opposition or getting yourself out from under the boss, you will have unlimited potential as a Jim’s Security Franchisee.”

About Jim’s Security

We are a residential and commercial security installation and security consultancy company that is a proud member of the Jim’s Group of Franchises, backed by many years in the security, communications and electrical industry.

We provide effective and reliable solutions to ensure the safety and security of your home and business. Our goal is to ensure your peace of mind with a combination of quality products and service experienced technicians.

We are proudly committed to excellent customer service and satisfaction, while offering high-standard services at competitive rates..

If you’re interested to find out more or are thinking about becoming a Franchisee with Jim’s Security, speak to us today to discuss how the Jim’s family could be right for you. Jim’s Security are there to help you succeed, call 131 546 today or fill in our Franchise Enquiry Form.