Podcast: Ep#43 How Jim’s Real Estate is Attracting Agents as Franchisees – (ft. Jamie Byard Jim’s Real Estate)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Jamie Byard who heads up Jim’s Real Estate in Australia. Listen as Jamie discusses the Jim’s Real Estate opportunity and outlines the franchises expansion into real estate. We discussed what brought Jamie into the business, the nature of the opportunity for franchisees and Jim’s strategy to grow the franchise with Australia’s lucrative real estate sector.

Discussion points:

Jamie Byard- Head of Jim’s Real Estate Australia and Victoria
  • Jamie’s Background: Sales and Marketing manager in corporate world
  • Change of scene: Looking for something different but not quite sure
  • First Impressions: Thinking that franchising would be a quiet life of earning money and minding his own business. Being noticed in the Jim’s network and becoming a regional franchisor.
  • The unexpected call: Getting a call from Jim Penman himself and being asked to join the training and support team for new comer franchisees for Jim’s Group
  • Time to change again: The decision to buy a Jim’s building inspection franchise and start again.
  • The Life of a building inspector: making a name in the Real Estate circles , making contacts, getting involved in new building projects and Real Estate projects.
  • Forming Jim’s Real Estate: Talking to Trish Mewett and forming the winning team of Real Estate and franchising expertise combined.
  • Getting on board: Signing up new agents and new team members and making Jim’s Real Estate a reality.
  • The Point of difference: How Jim’s Real Estate is making its mark in Australia against its established competitors
  • Why  Negotiated commissions? : How utilising Jim’s service reputation allowing the clients feel more comfortable creates customer loyalty.
  • Jim’s proposed client list: Who Jim’s believes will choose a Jim’s over the competitors. Making the most of an existing client base & the Jim’s loyalty.
  • The Real Estate industry’s view so far: The debates and opinions about the success of Jim’s Real Estate and why they will succeed beyond all doubt.
  • Getting good listings: How will Jim’s acquire highly competitive areas and high value properties to list
  • Getting the right people on board: Who Jim’s is looking for in franchisees and franchisors. What requirements you need to be successful. What personality types work best with a Jim’s Real Estate franchise.
  • What about the role?: What is expected of a Jim’s Real Estate Franchisee and the work load required
  • Making contact: How to get in touch with Jim’s Real Estate
  • Enquiries: How to enquire and get started


The Jim’s Group now has over 50 divisions the majority of whom remain dedicated to service provision of the homeowner. Jim’s Real Estate provides you with specific training and support which gives you a significant point of difference in the market.

This is an opportunity that allows you to keep 100% of your commissions, and a brand name that rings true to a large percentage of the Australian Homeowners.

For those with the right skill set, this is a ground floor opportunity not to be missed. Get in touch below for a confidential discussion

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