Ep#182 “Noodle Box is a great opportunity in the current climate, our Uber orders have increased by 35%”- (Ft. Scott Hillier franchisee at Noodle Box Ipswich QLD)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Scott Hillier, who is a franchisee for Noodle Box and Supreme Leader in Ipswich QLD, as part of the Concept Eight Group. Listen as Scott delves into how he came to own a Noodle Box franchise, the lifestyle of being a multi store owner, what the appeal of the QSR sector in the current climate is and how Uber Eats has helped improve his franchise business.

Discussion Points:

Scott Hillier – Franchisee for Noodle Box and Supreme Leader in Ipswich QLD -Concept Eight
  • Background
    Scott discusses his background, qualifying as a chef, his current role and how he came to be a franchisee for Noodle Box
  • The business
    Scott explains the business model, the industry, Concept Eight and what Supreme Leader is
  • The customers
    Scott discusses who Noodle Box is to customers and how the franchise appeals to the Ipswich consumers
  • The Noodle Box brand
    What the brand represents in the market and what sets it apart from the more traditional Asian style food franchises in Australia
  • The QSR business model
    How involved and intricate QSR businesses are and the working cycle of a franchise owner for Noodle Box
  • The support
    Scott describes his experiences working with the Concept Eight Group and the head office team throughout his business journey with Noodle Box as a multi store owner
  • Choosing to fry up noodles
    What made Scott decide to buy a food franchise and what drives him to keep frying up noodles in Queensland
  • An Uber opportunity
    How QSR businesses like those a part of the Concept Eight Group are managing in the current climate and how Uber is key for his business for the times ahead
  • Now is the time
    Why Scott thinks now is the perfect time to buy a Concept Eight franchise given the greater need for takeaway and home delivery in the market
  • A piece of advice 
    Scott offers some advice on becoming a franchisee with Noodle Box, the QSR sector as it is and what to expect when owning a food franchise in Australia

Useful Links:

Facebook / Instagram / Website / Company profile

About the business:

Concept Eight is the multi-brand franchisor behind successful QSR brands Noodle Box, Wokinabox and Pattysmiths Burgers. Established in 1996, the franchise group has grown to over 110 stores employing over 800 staff nationally.

Concept Eight manages distinguished brands that all bring their unique flavour to Australia including; Wokinabox, Noodle Box and Pattysmiths Burgers. Concept Eight can also offer duel concept franchises through our additional virtual brands ‘Supreme Leader Korean Chicken’ and ‘Double Dragon Dumplings’.

Concept Eight prides itself on providing franchise support services across eight specialist areas including:

  • Operations
  • Sales and marketing
  • Training
  • Restaurant design and construction
  • Finance
  • Supply chain
  • Network development

Owning a Concept Eight franchise allows you to own a nationally growing brand that has a dedicated team to help you succeed, no matter what brand you choose to partner with.