Podcast: Ep#115 The Road Most Travelled (ft. David Keir from Freedom Road Travel Group – Discusses Strategy and Expansion Plans)

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Today on EdenExchanges we spoke to David Keir, CEO of Freedom Road Travel Group, working with BlueMount Capital. David discusses with us the nature of the travel industry in China, how Freedom Road Travel is tapping into this demand and what their success has been like to date.

Freedom Road Travel is a foreign invested China-based travel agency founded by David in 2014. The company provides unique experiential travel services to customers visiting China, Asia and Australia.  Freedom Road aims to provide its customers with seamless and authentic experiences to amazing destinations.  The company was founded by long-term China professionals with real experience in the market. Freedom Road has offices in Shanghai, Brisbane and Sydney, and serves travellers from around the world.


David Keir, CEO of Freedom Road Travel Group

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Previous experience as an economist and franchise owner in China
  • Freedom Road Travel Group 
    Focusing on leisure travel into and out of China
  • Differentiation  
    A very unique model at the core of the business
  • Competition
    Working with digital tools and partnerships with large scale databases for their customers
  • The product
    Knowledge of the product and the destinations as well as putting together deals with good value that are specifically created for the individual customer
  • Customer service
    Accessibility whenever or wherever the customer might need it. Top quality along the entire chain
  • Major markets
    Primarily Australia and China
  • Strategic priorities
    Expanding their digital marketing and presence
  • Goals for 2019 and beyond
    Maintaining a consistent level of growth while keeping the quality high
  • Be a part of Freedom Road Travel Group’s future
    How to get involved with the business
  • How to get in touch
    How to contact David or a member of the team from BlueMount Capital

Useful Links

About Freedom Road Travel Group

Freedom Road Travel Group started in 2014, sending expat travellers to Asia’s less-travelled destinations while still providing a high standard customer service. Now Freedom Road Travel takes people all across the globe, with offices in China and Australia, and a multilingual staff that can ensure quality across borders. Freedom Road Travel’s mission is to deliver unique and personally enriching experiential travel experiences to its customers. Freedom Road Travel does that with customer-focused, world class and socially conscious travel services that empowers its customers to explore travel options they might not otherwise consider.

Freedom Road Travel stresses the details so its travellers can experience intimate encounters with real people and places without distraction. The key to making that happen is respect and mindfulness for the traveller, the place they travel to and the people who live there. To the team at Freedom Road Travel, travel is about more than escape. It is about widening perspectives and making the world a better place.

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