Podcast: Ep#107 Delivering an Elite Business, Military Style (Ft. Scott Freeman of EMF, Elite Military Fitness)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Scott Freeman who is a Founder and Director of the EMF Group of Companies. Scott discusses the growth of EMF’s fitness centres and their expansion plans, on which the Company is working with BlueMount Capital (QLD). He also discusses the merits of military fitness programs, the importance of introducing fitness to everyone at a young age and encouraging a lifestyle revolution.
 Find out more about the business model, target market and vision for EMF.

EMF’s fitness centres were created to bring a more professional and personalised service to the everyday person without the added expense. The Company’s aim is to offer a complete fitness model to the general population; a facility that caters for everyone’s needs without overcrowding and limited equipment.

Scott Freeman- Founder and Director of EMF, Elite Military Fitness

Discussion Points: 

  • Background
    Scott’s professional background
  • Current role and mission
    What is Scott’s current role in the business and what is EMF?
  • Military difference
    The merits of  military style fitness and the benefits it brings compared to traditional gym programs
  • Starting young
    How Scott caters to different customers and encourage fitness habits in the young
  • Major markets
    What Scott means when he says he targets 95% of Australia
  • Main market and demand
    What is driving industry demand across the globe?
  • The growth mission 
    How Scott and the EMF team are planning to expand the business
  • Strategie priorities 
    Scott discusses his strategic priorities and how he intends to succeed in the industry
  • Mission 2019
    What are EMF’s plans for 2019 and beyond
  • Development plans and relationship with BlueMount Capital (QLD)
    EMF’s future development plans to offer a full service in all things fitness in the future
  • How to get in touch
    How to find out more about the opportunity

Useful Links

For more information about EMF Group of Companies please visit here (log-in required, joining is free). Alternatively, please contact Dr Mark Rainbird and his team by phone: +61 7 3160 2840 or email: brisbane@bluemountcapital.com

About EMF Group of Companies

“There’s simply nowhere better to get fit than our high quality premises.”

EMF is a Gold Coast based group of companies offering fitness classes and rehabilitation services via their 6 operational gyms. EMF generates revenue through the sale of memberships, professional training, various sports rehabilitation services as well as the sale of nutritional and health supplements.


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