Podcast: Ep#155 “We’ve had a rework of the brand after 30 years and that is an investment for our franchisees” (Ft. James Jacka, Brand Development Manager at The Mr. Group)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to James Jacka who is the Brand Development Manager for The Mr. Group franchises, a specialty home services franchises in Australia. Listen as James describes his role in the business and how he came to join The Mr. Group, why the services industry is a good opportunity to be your own boss, what type of person would suit a franchise and much much more!

Discussion Points:

James Jacka – Brand Development Manager at The Mr. Group
  • Background
    James’ professional background and role at The Mr. Group
  • What does it do?
    James describes The Mr. Group’s different services and where you can find them
  • 20 years in the business
    James explores The Mr. Group over the past 20 years and how the business has grown and developed over time
  • Spoiled for choice
    Jame’s argues that Aussies are spoiled for choice when it comes to services and why that is a good foundation to build a franchise on.
  • Guarantees and quality service
    How James delves into the training and support process which allows The Mr. Group to guarantee quality service every time.
  • Focus and growth
    Where the new business focus is and the offerings of The Mr. Group franchises in regional and urban areas across Australia.
  • What to expect with a franchise
    James lists the benefits of franchising, what to expect with a Mr. Group franchise as well as support and training provided
  • Who would suit a franchise?
    James highlights the best characteristics that make for a good franchisee and that good feeling when you match the right person to the right kind of business
  • A simple piece of advice
    What James thinks is the most important thing you should consider before becoming a franchisee and the process to become a franchisee

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About the business

The Mr. Group has grown from the Mr. Antenna brand, which is a house-hold name across Australia and has been in operation for over 25 years. The group incorporates brands such as Mr. Pest Controller, Mr. Antenna and Mr. Gutter Cleaning.

“Your success is our success”, isn’t just something we say, our entire system is designed around it. We’d love to show you how it all comes together and the resources we provide to help you grow.