Podcast: Ep#183 Enabling faster and efficient testing in the construction materials industry (ft. Shane Gilbert founder of SG Testlab Pty Ltd)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Shane Gilbert, who is the founder of SG Testlab Pty Ltd in Queensland, working with Funding Strategies. SG Testlab Pty Ltd is a revolutionary new software development company providing new and refined construction materials testing software platforms. Listen as Shane delves into the inspiration behind the business, the need for new and improved testing programs in the market and the demand and applicability of the software in multiple large scale sectors.

Shane Gilbert – Founder of SG Testlab Pty Ltd

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Shane delves into his professional background and interest in the software development sector
  • What is SG Testlab Pty Ltd?
    Shane describes SG Testlab Pty Ltd, how its product Testlab360 works and why it is a big opportunity
  • Inspiration
    What inspired the creation of SG Testlab Pty Ltd and the development of Testlab360
  • The technology behind the product
    What differentiates the software platform from others available in the market and the marked improvements by comparison
  • The market
    Shane describes how large the market is for laboratory testing software programs and where the demand for lab testing software platforms are coming from
  • Stage of development
    Where SG Testlab Pty Ltd stands in regards to business development and influence in the market, and where development is still needed
  • The results and test trials
    Shane discusses the recent results of the first test trial of the software platform and preparing the software for full market infiltration
  • The board members
    Shane describes the level of support and involvement SG Testlab Pty Ltd’s board of members have contributed and how they benefit the business as it grows
  • Post-launch planning
    What Shane has planned post-launch of the software program and how he intends to monitor and develop the opportunity in the future
  • The year 2021 and beyond
    Shane discusses his preparations for the years 2021 and beyond for development and expansion internationally
  • Key achievements
    Shane describes his achievements so far and the milestones he and his team have had to reach to get to where they are today
  • Trends and opportunities
    What trends are occurring in the market space and the opportunities Shane and his team are utilising to further their integration into the market
  • Strategic priorities
    How Shane manages his strategic priorities and how he plans to ensure that SG Testlab Pty Ltd’s projects will continue to develop
  • Important insights and advice
    Shane touches on the key insights that should be considered before opting to become a part of the software development sector and what he believes are practicalities to keep in mind

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SG Testlab Pty Ltd
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Alternatively, please contact Funding Strategies by phone on +61 7 3160 2840 or via email: brisbane@fundingstrategies.com.au

About the Business

SG Testlab Pty Ltd is an Australian company that offers a suite of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software products. The software is used by construction materials laboratories to test samples of construction materials before being used in construction projects.

SG Testlab Pty Ltd was founded in 2019 in Brisbane, Australia, to provide a software solution to overhaul the construction materials testing industry. SG Testlab launched its first pilot client in February 2020 and has since launched a trial with a leading Australia concrete manufacturer to trial the software in their testing laboratories.

TESTLAB360 is an end to end laboratory, field and data management solution that enables the company’s clients to work better together towards creating an exceptional laboratory and field experience. TESTLAB360 delivers information, business capability, services and communication in new ways.

For more information about SG Testlab Pty Ltd (“Project Probatio”), please visit the Funding Strategies website ​here (log-in required, joining is free). Alternatively, please contact Dr Mark Rainbird and his team by phone: +61 7 3160 2840 or email: ​brisbane@fundingstrategies.com.au​.

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