Business is 100% Australian operated and is an outsourced 24/7 customer service team


  • Services professionals and small business owners
  • Established clients and systems
  • Significant opportunities to diversify and grow


Operated by the current owner since he acquired it in 2001. Been performing consistently well driven by;

  • A focus on customer niches,
  • A reputation for quality, and
  • Reliability

He is looking to retire, business now for sale.

The business is 100% Australian operated and is an outsourced 24/7 customer service team offering;

  • 24/7 live receptionist
  • Live appointment scheduling
  • Data & order entry
  • Emergency response
  • Dairy complaints and queries.

Real potential to expand the business and grow revenue and profits.

The infrastructure (physical layout and supporting infrastructure (IT, telco, power etc)) could support a doubling of the business from the current purpose built business premises which are also owned by the business owner Client base is predominantly professionals and micro and small businesses. Many are on annual plans, and there is a very healthy retention rate for the month to month clients.

Extensive effort has been invested in development of standard contracts to ensure an efficient customer sign-up process and ongoing administration.

As a live answering and virtual PR service the business operates in a very small but healthy segment of the broader call centre industry. Prospects are strong when you take account of the continued growth in business starts and ongoing focus from business owners (including micro and small businesses) on business process outsourcing to;

  • reduce or variabilise employee costs,
  • access experienced and trained customer management personnel,
  • access a 24/7 service, and
  • access the advantages of technology.

The current owner does little in the way of structured marketing, advertising or business development.

The current owner is active in the business (as General Manager) and is supported by a team of around 12 receptionists, who work varying numbers of shifts which are typically 6 hours.

The sale includes modern infrastructure including lines, servers, back-up, network, cpnnections, power, back-up power etc.

If required a suitable term lease can be negotiated as part of the business sale process.

Further detailed financial information can be made available to qualified parties.

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