Podcast: Ep#88 From the AFL to the Western Warriors and finally the Jim’s Fencing team. (ft. Michael Clark Jim’s Fencing Franchisee For Hillarys Perth WA)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Michael Clark, Jim’s Fencing Franchisee for Hillarys and the surrounding suburbs in Perth, Western Australia. Michael chats about a flattened fence leading to his fencing opportunity, his move from the AFL to professional cricket (Western Warriors), to sales and onwards to a fencing franchise. Michael discusses some of the benefits he’s experienced running his own Jim’s Fencing franchise such a working alongside his family, growing a rewarding business and building fences for his growing customer base in Perth. Listen to find out more.

Michael Clark- Jim’s Fencing Franchisee for Hillarys Perth WA and surrounding areas

Discussion Points: 

  • Background
    Being drafted into the AFL straight out of high school, playing for the Fremantle Dockers and the Collingwood Magpies.
  • Changing games
    Finding it was time for a change from AFL and switching to the WA State Professional Cricket team (The Western Warriors).
  • Changing careers
    Retiring due to injuries and working in a sales position in Perth.
  • A flattened fence leading to opportunity
    Michael and Deb call the experts to fix his flattened fence. This leads to a business opportunity
  • Getting settled in
    How Michael and Deb approach the business and work together. Meeting their franchisor David Fitzpatrick and wife/partner Mandy.
  • What has sales got to do with it?
    How Michael utilises his sales training on the job and why he is a successful franchisee.
  • Michael’s territories
    Michael explains the difference between his working area and his designated territory.
  • Jim’s Fencing Perth working together
    How excess demand leads to customer sharing across the northern suburbs and working as a team to complete fences and projects.
  • Working with your wife as part of the life
    Michael explains how the Jim’s model accommodates working families in franchising and how the business model lets you work different roles.
  • The after school run and school breaks
    The benefits of being home before the kids finish school and the ease of going on a holiday.
  • Working in Perth
    Michael explains what it is like building and repairing fences in one of the windiest cities in the world.
  • Sunshine and weather permitting
    How Perth has great weather for building fences.
  • What’s to love about Fencing?
    Michael highlights why he loves being a Jim’s Fencing franchisee and looking back across his career so far.
  • Advice for a future Jim’s Fencing franchisee
    Top tips if you want to be a franchisee in a territory like Hillarys or Perth’s Northern Suburbs.



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