Podcast: Ep#72 The Operations and Innovation Behind a Successful Franchise System (Ft. Rob Morra and Kelly Ngov from Sandwich Chefs)

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While innovation is important, a successful franchise is also driven by a strong business model and operational infrastructure that works in the best interests of both a brand and its franchisees. These elements must be in place. They are crucial for growth and franchisee success.

Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Rob Morra, Operational Development Manager and Kelly Ngov, Store Auditor at Sandwich Chefs.

In this podcast Rob and Kelly spoke about Sandwich Chef’s new developments, its focus on operational and technological efficiency and the company’s dedication to industry best practice across its franchise network. They also discussed the company’s strategic focus, latest trends in the food and QSR industry and what to expect as a Sandwich Chefs business owner.

Rob Morra – Operational Development Managers and Kelly Ngov Store Auditor for Sandwich Chefs

Discussion points:

  • Background
    Rob and Kelly’s career paths to date
  • Joining Sandwich Chefs
    Making the move to Sandwich Chefs and contributing the company’s goals
  • Innovations and continuous improvement 
    Maintaining consistency and a system that adapts to the market
  • Setting up a team where you don’t need to be there
    The ability to set up a store in a matter of months
  • Highlights in the job
    Forging their way in the business, becoming successful business owners
  • Behind the scenes in operations
    The company’s structure and operations which are crucial to franchisee success
  • A day in the job
    Rob and Kelly’s tasks and continuous improvements
  • The business detail
    How each franchisee can personalise their business
  • What it takes
    The personality types that best suit the business
  • Motivation and drive
    Becoming the face of your franchise and working day to day
  • Goals and milestones
    Where Rob and Kelly believe the business is going
  • Food and safety
    Requirements in health and safety and offering the best in the industry
  • Technology
    How the franchise focus on technology and innovation
  • Online and tech trends 
    Online customer service and multi-channel approached – including UberEats, online ordering, apps and web portals
  • Training and support
    The initial business support and training in food preparation, quality control and health and safety
  • Multi store ownership
    The perks and the reality behind multi store ownership
  • Enquiring
    Identifying the ideal ‘Sandwich Chefs franchisee’ and how to get in touch with Sandwich Chefs


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About Sandwich Chefs

Sandwich Chefs is Australia’s leading gourmet carvery and make your own sandwich franchise. They’ve enjoyed growing success as a brand and have over 30 years of experience developing a successful franchise system. With over 54 stores nationwide they’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic businesspeople to join with the possibility of multi store ownership.

Enquire now to secure your piece of the sandwich. Click here to enquire.