While the Australian Car Manufacturing Industry Collapses, Franchising is expected to boom….

Jim’s Test & Tag Aggressively Recruiting. Franchising remains the best option for skilled Aussies…..

By the end of 2017, car manufacturers like Ford, Mitsubishi, Holden and Toyota are all likely to have left Australia and moved their assembly lines overseas.

This will leave a sizeable group of highly skilled, often driven and very capable Australian workers still only mid-way through their careers. A major impact on the economy is expected with tens of thousands of job losses forecast in the professional, scientific and technical services sector. This sector employs more than one million people in Australia, or 8.5% of the entire workforce.

Source: Valadkhani and Smyth (2016, Table II, p.698-701)

Australia’s franchising sector continues to grow in total sales turnover and employment. Successful franchisors are confident of further growth in the next 12 months. According to a Franchising Australia survey conducted by Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence and supported by the Franchise Council of Australia, annual sales revenue in Australia’s franchise sector is expected to be $146 billion in 2016, up from $144 billion in the previous survey in 2014.

In Australia, sectors of the Franchising industry are expected to boom, especially those servicing resilient parts of the economy as well as franchises with solid business structures and support systems. Prime examples of these are the Jim’s Test & Tag and Jim’s Fire Safety franchises which continue to rapidly expand across Australia and are aggressively recruiting for new franchisees.

The franchise benefits from operating in the safety sector which is always in demand, regardless of economic demand. It provides due diligence services for inspecting, testing and tagging electrical equipment with franchisees who are trained to be OH&S compliant.

Robert Jonker, who is a regional franchiser in Queensland at Jim’s Test & Tag and Jim’s Fire Safety was happy that he bought a business in a resilient industry, “Our industry, the safety industry, in my opinion is here to stay and may even become stricter. Government and businesses have come a long way in making health and safety a priority and educating their workers and themselves over the last 20 to 30 years.”


According to David Pollard, Regional Franchisor in Central Australia, The safety industry is alive and well and there are major opportunities for operators who have the skills and training and provide a service that exceeds expectations.”

While it seems a foregone conclusion that the collapsing car industry will create a lull in the economy, what can’t be denied is that the environment for franchising can be very attractive for Australian workers about to face the brunt of the collapse. Buying a franchise, especially when the entry price is affordable can have advantages over starting a business from scratch.

Benefits include brand recognition, a strong team environment, low startup costs, marketing support and access to an established client base. High quality franchises will often provide support and mentorship to new franchise owners as well as networking opportunities with experienced operators and professionals in the industry.

James Jacka, Divisional Manager of Australia and New Zealand at Jim’s Test & Tag and Jim’s Fire Safety believes the support provided by the franchise is a key reason new franchisees succeed, despite how the economy may be faring.

According to Jacka, “We provide an environment where every franchisee and every franchisor can achieve their financial and personal goals. While they have to put in the effort, we want to work with them to achieve their goals. Because of this, our business has combined constant growth with low attrition and excellent standards of customer service. We are looking to expand by 50 franchises in 2017 across Australia”

“Our franchisees come from different backgrounds ranging from CEO’s, tradesmen, engineers, builders and many others. The key factor is attitude, resilience and willingness to learn. For anyone driven and hardworking interested in becoming a franchisee, we provide the established business model together with all the systems, tactics and support. These have made the business successful in Australia and New Zealand– together this is a winning formula.”

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