Podcast: Ep#223 REUNION Training Is A Goal Defining Fitness And Wellbeing Opportunity For Their Clients And Their Franchisees (Ft. Luke Istomin And Simon Philis From REUNION Training Franchises)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to President & Founder Luke Istomin and Managing Director & CEO Simon Philis from REUNION Training, a goal defining fitness and wellbeing franchise specialising in high end services. Listen as Luke and Simon reminisce on how the business came about, how Reunion Training is a fitness and wellbeing game changing franchise, what a franchisee can expect in training and support and who would make an ideal franchisee.

Luke Istomin– President and Founder and Simon Philis – Managing Director and CEO of REUNION Training

Discussion Points:

  • Luke and Simon’s path to REUNION Training
    Luke outlines his impressive resume in the health and fitness industry, and how a gap in the market led him to create the business. With a background in business, Simon joined the company without hesitation when he caught sight of Luke’s vision
  • A ‘no BS’ approach
    Luke discusses his health and fitness philosophy which is balanced by current trends and real results in equal measure
  • The customers of REUNION Training
    Luke and Simon outline the holistic and long-term approach of the REUNION Training program and share a personal success story
  • A place without membership numbers
    REUNION Training operates with a high focus on personal positive relationships and a family atmosphere
  • Franchisee first
    Simon explains his passion for REUNION Training’s success, and how it is tied to fairness and a focus on holistic franchisee support
  • A fair system for each franchisee
    Simon explains their innovative 10 tier model which determines the fee structure of each site
  • Planning for growth
    With a strong focus on horizontal growth into the online realm, REUNION Training is resilient in difficult times and has been able to retain all staff on full-time wages during the global pandemic
  • REUNION Remote
    The global pandemic has allowed Luke and Simon to test some online features that were already in development at REUNION Training. As a result, the business has evolved at an acute pace
  • Testimonials and social media
    Luke elaborates on the importance of social media and testimonials in terms of driving growth, noting that the celebrity aspect is a welcome bonus
  • Gumption!
    Potential REUNION Training franchisees can take the form of owner-operators or financial investors. Simon and Luke explain these two different franchisee approaches, noting that a resourceful and spirited character is a must to join the business
  • A passion for health and fitness
    The health and fitness industry is due to explode in a significant way, placing REUNION Training in a favourable position for growth
  • “Be certain of what you’re looking for.”
    Simon offers some questions for potential franchisees to consider before buying into a franchise
  • Targets
    Simon explains the targets for the local and global franchise expansion of REUNION Training
  • Driving forces
    Simon and Luke share their personal and professional motivations for the work they do at REUNION Training

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About REUNION Training:

REUNION Training is the ultimate group training experience. Founded by Luke Istomin, an elite and world class fitness professional, REUNION draws from Luke’s unique juxtaposition of having trained global elite celebrities, athletes, and leaders, and co-founding the largest group training model, F45 Training.

REUNION Training has been designed to REDEFINE what it truly means to be functional, healthy and active.

We aren’t here to waste anyone’s time with pointless workouts focused only on sweating and feeling exhausted – this style of training has limited longevity, increasing the risk of injury and exhaustion, not to mention reduced motivation.

We design our workouts with PURPOSE and ensure our members enjoy tangible results in order to track their progress. We concentrate on the primal movement patterns the body is physically capable of and designed to perform, with the overarching goal to build a solid foundation of strength and endurance.

Through our onboarding process  we ensure you are properly supported from the get go! From training newcomers, to transitioning gym goers, to elite or experienced trainers, we will set you up on a path based on your current level of fitness, and in turn accelerate you towards your chosen goals.

Simply put, our goal is to have you reach your capabilities and bullet proof your body from potential injuries!