Podcast: Ep#200 Smoky Sue’s Barbecue Expands with its Unique Flavour and Franchise Model (ft. Owen Brown, Founder and Director of Smoky Sue’s Barbecue franchises).

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Owen Brown, who is the Founder and Director of Smoky Sue’s Barbecue franchises. Listen as Owen delves into how the business came about, how his smoky flavours are drawing in more customers every day and how his team are living the dream and growing the Smoky Sue’s franchise network

Discussion Points:

Owen Brown – Founder and Director of Smoky Sue’s Barbecue franchises
  • Background
    Owen discusses his background, current role and how he came to be the Founder and Director of Smoky Sue’s Barbecue franchises
  • The inception of the business
    Owen explains his journey in creating the business, the deciding factors for the business model and how he turned his ideal franchise into a reality
  • The business model
    Owen identifies the key points of difference of Smoky Sue’s business model and what type of customers Smoky Sue’s caters to
  • Unique ‘smoky’ flavours and more
    What iconic American flavours are on offer at Smoky Sue’s, the style of service and the appeal of American style food in Australia
  • Why Australia?
    Why Owen believed Australia was ready for traditional American style fast food and flavours and what his research revealed for his business model
  • Growth strategies
    The business plan and how Owen plans to expand the business and open franchises across New South Wales
  • The ideal Smoky Sue’s franchisee
    Owen identifies the background, the experience and the personalities that suit a Smoky Sue’s franchisee and current interest in the market for the franchise
  • Training and support
    What level of support and training Owen offers each franchisee throughout their business journey, the level of involvement by the head office team in building of new stores and Owen’s mentorship and support for each franchisee
  • For the love of a Smoky Sue’s
    Owen describes what he loves most about the Smoky Sue’s franchise and what drives him every day to succeed and expand the business
  • Food franchise operations during a pandemic and beyond
    How Smoky Sue’s adapted during the pandemic and the peak of cases in NSW during 2020 and how the continue integrating take away/delivery platforms
  • A piece of advice 
    Owen offers advice on becoming a Smoky Sues, the Australian food sector and what to expect when owning a food franchise in Australia

Useful Links:

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About the business:

Smoky Sue’s has pioneered a revolutionary way to slow cook and smoke meats to perfection every time, so anyone can enjoy the most delicious meats any night of the week.

After experiencing roaring success in Sydney, Sue’s is now looking to grow our franchise model across Australia.

Sue’s has successfully matured and optimised our offering, with a product ready to compete and thrive alongside the highest profile Fast Casual Restaurant names in the industry. New high traffic sites will benefit from the ability to leverage the learnings and opportunities of an established product that is also fresh and exciting to consumers.